Bonbi - Stuck for Eternity Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 08:51:42 No.3270 del
Imagine Bonbi tied you down spread eagle to her bed so tight that you're lucky to be able to even wiggle your fingers and toes. She then proceeds to suck you off all night long. It'd be fun and kinky at first, but the reality of the situation would quickly sink in after the third of fourth time you came in a row. Your pleas for a time out would fall on deaf ears as she continues to suck up and down mechanically like a piston, bringing you to one painful orgasm after another. When you're unable to maintain an erection anymore she forces some viagra down your throat and resumes until you're sputtering out nothing more than dust.
As the morning sun rises she finally lets off and brings you some water and a sandwich, but keeps you tied down and manually feeds you herself. Once you're done she shoves an egg vibrator up your ass, set to go off at random intervals and leaves the room.
Throughout the day you manage to get a little sleep, but the incessantly buzzing egg is keeping you from truly resting.
As night begins to fall she brings you some more water, but you realize too late it was laced with more viagra as you start getting hard again. She lowers herself to your midriff and licks up the puddle of precum that you've leaked out during the day due to the vibrating egg. She raises herself back up to your face and kisses you deeply with precum stained lips, then pulls away slightly and says "This is your life now anon, endless pleasure for all eternity" as she lowers herself back down to your cock and beings another night of ceaseless sucking torture.