Bonbi - Slob Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 08:56:54 No.3275 del
>you get home, the house reeks of girlcum
>you find bonbi on the couch watching some dumb cooking show about cheese
>she's in a barely put together Sayori cosplay, what seems like a damp patch spreading around her thighs
>you sigh, sit down on the other, dryer end of the couch and ask her how her day's been
>she turns to face you and stares blankly at you for a few seconds
>you begin to wonder whether she heard you, but as soon as you start repeating the question she tenses and in a flash tackles you into a reclined position
>a mischievous grin starts spreading across her face as she says "Better now that you're home anon"
>with a giggle she grabs your hair, plonks herself on your face and proceeds to mercilessly rub herself all over you, her juices spraying everywhere
>you quietly accept you fate as you're getting completely drenched, knowing this could go on for a while; she will tire eventually and you'll be able to escape her grasp, but she'll never be truly satisfied