Bonbi Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 09:39:34 No.3319 del
Imagine bonbi wearing yoga pants and she's all like "You brought protection this time, right anon?" but before she gets an answer you're already ripping her pants off to the sound of her cries begging you to stop but you press on and by the time she musters up the courage to say "I don't conse-" it's already too late. You're already inside her, pumping and thrusting like there's no tomorrow. Your hand covering her mouth as not to hear the screams that make you think about what an evil and depraved act you're committing. You still love her, just in ways she couldn't possibly understand at such a young age. Tears stream down her face, her blue hair is all you are focused now on as you go faster and faster, further and further into her, the crying, the muffled screams, her innocence... it's all you can think about. Just as you were remembering the first time you ever held her hand, at the end of one of her dance recitals years ago...the one where you first admit your feelings for her, You finish. Inside of her. Leaning in close to her ear, you whisper "I love you so much more than you could ever possibly imagine." She turns around and collapses her head into your chest, trying to refrain as best she can her whimpered cries between each word, ""
"I know." as you kiss her goodnight, your arms wrapped tightly around her. Her cries gently lulling you sleep.