Bonbi, Anonce Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 12:53:51 No.3355 del
>ywn be woken up suddenly after a few hours by muffled moans and grunts in the distance
>ywn sit up dazed and confused wonder what that is, even though it sound familiar
>ywn lay back asleep, happily thinking about Bonbi but also curious to where she left
>ywn realize those muffled moans and grunts was Bonbi being destroyed by Anonce's huge and thick member sliding into her petite, tiny, tight yet somewhat skillful love-hole
>ywn get that gut wrenching feeling of seeing the woman you love being penetrated and satisfied by a much better man
>ywn never feel horrified when you realize that seeing such a degenerate act of cuckholdry has turned you on to a degree that you're leaking pre cum
>ywn see Bonbi digging her nails into man's back as she slowly start moanin harder and faster as she is reaching climax
>ywn see her legs lock his torso as he is about to release
>ywn hear her say "I-I...unf... love aaah.. ooh... oh God it's so b-big...y-y-you... ooooh but I love this more!"
>ywn PE at that same instant as she is orgasming from being bred