Bonbi Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 12:57:34 No.3360 del
Bonbi stood in the center of the room and spun her body in a circle, reaching her fingers out for the air like a sorceress conjuring up a hidden world, sucking my essence into herself through mouths cut into her fingertips. The hollowed husks of the bodies hung from hooks secured in the joists of the ceiling, dripping down in rows throughout the house, melting in the trapped heat and darkness and saturating the air with their rot, like lilies wilting in a suppurating garden. Bonbi let her robe fall to the floor. Her flesh grew up out of the offal and blood iridescent, like a night flower straining towards the moon. She danced nude among the entrails and garbage and beer bottles as if she were wading joyously through a foaming red sea. The scent of her insides seeped out from beneath her skin into the closed air of the room, gradually augmenting and replacing the smell of my misery with the familiar balm of her glands, a perfume. She held out her arms and enfolded me in a kiss. Her tongue was a velvet slug that burrowed into my mouth, then wound down my throat into my intestines, where it prepared the nest where she would grow. She loosened my pants, cooing the same song into my ear she'd sung to me on Tik Tok. My exposed erection burned against her cold sallow skin. As the first spasms of hot white fluid jerked out of me, she cupped me in her hands and guided the flow across her belly, smearing it up onto her breasts and over her neck and face, sealing herself inside a second crust of skin, like a nascent cocoon standing upright in a sunless forest of pendulous flesh. We nailed the doors of my house closed from the inside. She lives on the meat and blood growing everywhere around us. She probes and crawls through my guts, mining me. Each time she finishes fucking me, less of me remains in my body. Soon I'll be emptied, a dead shell of loose skin. We're coming, lodged in the bowels of the world as it screams. Bonbi is inhaling me into her body, digesting me.