Roxybon Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 14:14:04 No.3369 del
>Sure roxy is good for having your insides destroyed. But, sometimes I just need some simple loving.
who said it's not simple? she comes in drunk at night, she rams it into your mouth and does steady but firm motions. As you look up to her, you can see her head moving into the rythm of night time radio music. Her eyes closed, she can feel the world spinning, a nice, strong buzz in her mind and sweet, sweet, wet feeling along her shaft. Once she fills your mouth with her sweet and salty goddess cum, she collapses onto a couch, smiling and laughing, enjoying the rush of dopamine. You see her beautiful face in dim, orange light of a single lamp. You cover her with blanket and as you walk away she looks at you one last time with her bedroom eyes and says in soft voice "I love you, slut". She smiles and drifts off to sleep.