Roxybon Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 14:16:37 No.3370 del
You open your mouth, put your tongue out a little so the tip of it rests on your lower lip and then, you just let her slide her beautiful, hard and eager cock right into your wet and just as eager mouth hole. Then you adjust your lips so they provide a little bit of resistance with every thrust, to make miss roxybon pp feel good and you enjoy the texture of it, both the sounds it makes with every thrust and the sounds of her pleasure moans, the touch of her hands as she shifts them from your shoulders, to your neck, your head, face, hair, both the gentle and more rough thrusts, her voice as she talks dirty to you, her face as you look up to her and as she sometimes look down to you, and most importantly, you enjoy the incredible nut she squirts into you mouth and all the pleasure and head buzz you provide her.
Simple, but incredible.