Bonbi Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 16:39:49 No.3429 del
>ywn seduce bonbi away from her shitty husband
>ywn be at their house while he is away, doing some task he's left undone as a favor for her, when she opens up to you about things and you stare each other in the eyes for just a little too long
>the stare will not become a warm embrace
>the warm embrace will not become a kiss, first light and hesitant, then deep and passionate
>ywn carry her to the bed she shares with her shitty husband, laying her down and taking her, claiming every inch of her, as she willingly surrenders to you, still wearing her wedding ring, in their home, in their marriage bed, tasting her sex, kissing and sucking in ways she's never felt before, reaching places inside her she didn't even know were there, making her cum more and cum harder than she ever has before, as she digs her fingers into your back and locks her legs around you, pulling you into her, knowing you're close to your own orgasm and refusing to let you pull out, until you relent and fill her with your seed, in a passionate, fervent, sweaty, primal tangle of lust and love,
>she will never leave her shitty husband soon after, after fucking you in that bed one last time, leaving her wedding ring on the bed, in that mess of sex you both leave for him to find