Bonbi Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 16:40:16 No.3430 del
I want to kiss bonbi.

I want to hold her face static as she struggles and I want to merge my lips frantically against hers. She wears a thin blouse that hides only the extreme subtleties of her breasts against my ribs, like the one she was using in the lapis vids, her lower back trapped in my damaging hands.
My penis skyrockets as the thoughts pass through my mind: I'm infiltrating this cute little girl. I can taste her sweet purity on my tongue. It's like beastiality to me, but I am engaging myself with a beast much more pure and beautiful than me, it's like fucking an unicorn.
I open my eyes after a few seconds of vertical rubbings of my tongue on her cheek. Her flawless big eyes are shining widely and ashamedly back at me.
"I know understand why everyone wants to fuck and protect you at the same time"
For a second my heart lapses to the sweet feeling of a young courter's as he takes first sight of a novel lass of whom he immediately attributes perfection. But I quickly correct myself; her heart may beat as mine, her brain may perform similar tasks to my brain, her glands may secrete the same hormones and our neurokinetics might match..... but beneath that flesh is a dark, Jewish core of wretched evil that cannot be allowed to prosper.
Her blouse is easily torn off, her legs easily parted. I fuck her, throw her to the ground, land a few glorious Aryan punches on her cheek, and cum wide across her face, all in less than 5 minutes.
Her whimpers fade as I tidy myself up, straightening my blazer and tie. One last look at the bloody lump lying a few feet from me gives no real conclusions; she might be dead, or perhaps just silent and broken. It concerns me only so far as I hadn't planned on killing her, perhaps not gauging my own strength could be considered a weakness. I walk away.