Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 22:15:41 No.3501 del
>You are now imagining spoonfeeding bonbi

Bonbi sits sideways in your lap, you've got one hand around her shoulders, holding the bowl, the other you're swishing through the air with a spoon as you make airplane noises. She opens wide as you park the airplane in her mouth, then chomps down on it and playfully doesn't let go of the spoon for a few moments as you try to tug it out.
What are you spoonfeeding bonbi?

Bonbi came down with a case of (even more of) the sniffles, so I make a big batch of tasty homemade chicken noodle soup (not too hot!) to keep the nasties at bay.
Afterward I give her a nice, squashy hot water bottle (not too hot!!!) and wrap us both up in a big comfy blanket to watch bad movies together on the couch.
She falls asleep watching them though and I can't get up without waking her, so instead I just sit there with her lying in my lap, listening to the soft, slightly stuffy sound of her breathing.
It's an ok way to spend the afternoon.