Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 09:37:55 No.3570 del
Reminder that Bonbi is:

>The most talented Tik Tokker
>Making videos and photos at the fastest rate yet
>Pleasing the Egg fans in streams
>Making a variety of videos in style to please all fans, from highly produced, to ring-lit, to natural lighting, to dance, to drama, to aloof fun in pajamas, to cute and working to please each gang
>Finally allowing fans to donate around Toks 50% charge rate who have been begging for a better way to donate
>Not backed down on her Ted Talk to not turn it into a business and charge for content or access
>Posting on seedy areas less and less and focusing on IG and Tik Tok comments
>Resilient, brave and tough and staying stable in the face of creeping doxxing pressure, blackmail, sexual harassment, stalking, jealous hatred and fan demands
>Trying hard to make you smile, even if you say hateful things
>Sweet to animals and people
>Not committing any evil-doing and has never committed a crime or tried to hurt anyone
>Committed to not repeating mistakes of the past that cost her fans and learning from these experiences
>Interacting more with her common fans instead of exclusive Members
>Not listening to fetish freaks who yell at her to gain weight, lose weight, show more skin, show feet, get implants, get tattoos
>Trying to make her Russian fanbase happy by doing Russian internet memes for them even if they don't work out, even though 2chan is the centre of doxxing and lewding right now