Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 09:39:53 No.3571 del
>Bonbi aka codename Jason Bon realizes Anon will not let his guard down and not stop sending hitmen hired with bitcoin, so she fakes her death
>Anon falls for it while watching with a quadcopter livestream overhead, is sad his sexual interest is dead but also relieved she can't kill him or report him to the feds. Carbomb actually blew up a decoy car. hitman is secretly killed by Bon with a toothpick
>Post-credits scene, Anon wonders why his mum hasn't brought him down his 3 AM chicken tendies
>Waddles upstairs, sees his mum tied up and duct-tapes to a chair
>H/K USP compact with silencer suddenly pressed up against the back of his head
>"Not so anonymous now, Seth"
>It's Bonbi
>Moby- Extreme Ways plays as the camera zooms out of the house and we hear a suppressed shot ring out