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It's a warm April night. You park your car a little far from her estate grounds because you know her parents wouldn't approve of you snatching her up again. You text her, a minute later she comes skipping out the back door in joy. You had chatted earlier, she talked about how she was starving and didn't get a dinner. She ate through the last of her gum, inhaling it down in despiration. She is so happy to see you she put on her Monika costume just to make the night special

She gets in the passenger side and gives you the biggest grin and awkward little squeal. You tell her "okay, let's go get you fed!". You drive off to the closest Burger King, which is minutes from closing. Along the way you hear her stomach roaring on empty and her head is a little wobbly. She tells you she feels a bit faint and to hurry.

You get to the Burger King. It's a minute past closing but you race in, with her shyly tailing from a distance. The server there says "Ey, we're closed holmes, tomorrow at 8 AM" as he sweeps behind the counter. You will not accept this. You tell her your girlfriend is weak and starving, and lie that she has diabetes and needs emergency sugar. The manager overhears it and comes foreward, telling you she'll do you this favour this one time and opens the register. It's an agonizing 2 minutes for Bonbi, shivering and crossing her arms in the corner, but giving you the most teary and loving eyes.