Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 12:18:41 No.3596 del
>Parallel Universe CXY9238745
>bonbi never meets seth
>bonbi never joins discord
>bonbi never comes back
>she's just on her farm
>living happily and peacefully with her parents and her animals
>no groomers to corrupt her perfect personality
>her year on tiktok and cosplaying was just a phase
>a learning experience that made her a stronger person, more confident and outgoing
>bonbi turns 18, gets her GED
>enrolls in local college and transfers to university after 2 years
>majors in animal science, becomes a veterinarian after years of studying and hard work
>meets a nice boy in university who she eventually marries after dating for years
>never had premarital sex because she is a good christian girl
>after the wedding and on their way to consummate their marriage, they both die in a fatal car accident
>she dies perfect and pure, her hair dyed blue, at the age of 27, an angel eternally young

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