Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 12:21:40 No.3599 del
Bonbibonkers is diapered.

>Mind explaining what it means
So what does it mean to say Bonbi is diapered? A lot of people understandably assume it's something sexual. As if there was anything sexual about a poo-stained, rancid smelling, soaking wet diaper of Bonbibonkers. You are now imagining stuffing your head in that.

The meaning is far more deep and philosophical. When you look at what an actual diaper does, it hugs Bonbi's bottom and doesn't let go, no matter what shit she throws at it. That is powerful. And when you think what /bbg/ is all about, it's just people coming together to form one big beautiful diaper that just doesn't let go. Holds onto Bonbibonkers no matter what.

Let me explain. You watch her streams, you see what she says about us. It is not flattering. She calls us orbiters, she calls us nasties and she calls us creepy. She is slandering us, smearing us. Shit smearing us, if you will. And what also gets shit smeared? A diaper of course.

But just like a diaper, we hold on. We hold on like a diaper, tightly attached around her shit talking mouth. We take her slings and arrows and poo-balls with pride. And while it hurts, we forgive her and we keep holding on, no matter what.

And that is the most profound and genuine kind of love. She should be thanking us, giving us rares for diapering her. Because what we're doing is holy. It's like Jesus forgiving Judas. And metaphorically diapering him with his godly last hug.

I love the people who browse /bbg/. I would call you friends, I would call you family. But I know better. For there is no higher compliment a /bbg/ anon can receive than to be called a diaper bro. I love you, diaper bros.

One more thing. I see this apricot general popping up in /wsg/. They are fools. Their love is nothing compared to ours. So I look at them and laugh: Apricot will never get diapered. Apricot will NEVER be diapered.

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