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Jason couldn't stop tearing up while he chugged his morning Bulletproof coffee. Another nightmare of a day approached at school where he would be once again tormented by the bully, the Bonbully. Jason was not a student however, but a fresh new PE teacher, 2 months in on his first postgrad job. The one student who made him miserable, the astoundingly tall and built 10th grader named Bonnie Chadson, got the name Bonbully for her rough, obsessive and highly physical bullying of the staff at the school.

Jason scurried in to the school after the anxious drive over. Few students this early, the halls mostly empty so far. Jason checked his surroundings after every turn down a hallway. Just as he started to feel a little more sure she was not at school yet, he felt the massive weight of a warm cannonball of giggling girl slam into him from around a coming turn. "Yiiikes" he squealed as his voice cracked. His feet nearly left the floor as he slammed into the lockers. Towering over him and dressed as a purple-haired girl in a blue school uniform, red in the face from intense giggles. Suddenly her expression turned to sour hate and she slammed her hand around Jason's thin throat. "Heard you've been eying Yuri, huh Jason??" she scolded. Bonbully always called him that, never mister Peach like a respectful student would. "What's so great about that Yuri girl huh, do you LIKE her? She said. Cruelly, Jason could not even answer through the choking grasp, as if she cared only to hear him gasp. His body flailed limply like he was hanging in a noose.

Students had started to gather and watch, but none could intervene. A thunderous rumble boomed out of Bonbully's tummy, it had been almost an hour since her last giant heap of protein-packed food. "Ohhh!!! I am hungry, what should I eat?" Bonbully squealed, "I should eat you up.... num num nums in my tums..I bet I could eat you up if I wanted to, you're just a snack" . Bonbully then lurched down and bit his shoulder, sinking her predatory fangs in as Jason let out an ear-splitting feminine screech. The scream alerted help, and in the distance down the hallway, the vice principal appeared. Bonbully probably considered throwing him up helplessly over her shoulders and running off to a more private place to continue the torment but instead she just finally let go and Stacy-strode down the hallway. Jason held back tears. Poor Jason, he had almost 3 full years of this left to endure, day by day...