Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 14:47:03 No.3610 del
>tfw you will never bully bonbibonkers in school
>ywn shove her into a locker for the whole school day
>ywn hear her cries for someone to let her out
>ywn hear her plead to you that she has a test that day and if she doesn't take it she will fail her class
>ywn hear her beg for you to come back as you laugh and tell her you'll let her out as soon as her class is over
>only for the janitor to notice her during the night shift
>ywn see the mess she made in that locker from being so scared and alone
>ywn drive bonbi to develop ptsd and a bed wetting habit from that situation
>ywn force bonbi to apologize to her fans in one last stream as she details whats next for her
>tfw you will never read in the newspaper
>local girl found dead in woods...