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I guess, the one comforting thing about all those posts is that, while I will never get to experience any of that, neither will Bonbi. The only type of "teenage love" she will get to experience is some fucked up, co-dependent internet thing, that is probably going to scar her for life.

>tfw Bon will never have a cute boy fall asleep in her lap
>tfw Bon will never have her first love blow a massive raspberry into her bellybutton as she starts giggling manically and squirming, trying to escape his merciless tickle torture
>tfw Bon will never build a blanket fort with a nice neighborhood boy
>tfw Bon will never give soft butterfly kisses to her High School crush
>tfw Bon will never get sponfed by her protective bf while she is out sick
>tfw Bon will never have her lover boy help her make videos behind the camera
>tfw Bon will never have a teen bf to do things with she loves and he hates, but he secretly loves every minute of it because he's doing it with her.
>tfw Bon will never have a normal teen relationship with a bf that takes her to visit aquariums, to hike in the mountains, to go camping, to watch the fireworks with on the 4th of July, to hang up Christmas decorations with, etc.
>tfw Bon will never be princess carried to bed after she fell asleep on the couch
>tfw Bon will never be rescued from her shitty life and be made happy
Bonbi is going to be in her late teens/early 20s when she might finally have the opportunity to have a normal relationship. By that point she will have to worry about a job or college; she will have to actually make plans for the future. On top of that, everything she has experienced on the internet will have likely left her jaded and cynical. At that point, it will possibly be too late for her to truly have this sort of lovey-dovey relationship.

So, really, who am I to complain? If the most angelic being I have ever laid eyes on won't get to experience any of that, why should I?