Anonymous 02/16/2020 (Sun) 00:49:00 No.6270 del
While there wasn't any new pasta while endchan was down, I still copy-pasted some posts for posterity:

It was worth it to see a beautiful, unfair life ruined. A 12/10 girl who lives in a first world country got her free ride through life derailed. A cosmic wrong was righted. The pedo was entropy, and for once entropy swung the right way.

Healthy young man grows up awkward and antisocial. Never experiences youthful female companionship. Grows older, sees Tik Tok, yearns for what he missed - wants a DAUGHTER as a surrogate highschool gf. Many such cases! Very Sad!

It's the "I'm underage but I have some idea of how things work so I'll flirt with adult stuff and play innocent when people notice" routine. Reminds me of someone else....