Anonymous 03/10/2020 (Tue) 19:28:49 No.7188 del
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What does bonbi cunny smell like? I bet it's pretty musky especially under all that latex.
Imagine how hot and sweaty it must get in there after some prolonged dancing like that haha imagine the wet squelchy sound it makes when she peels the shorts off her skin, strands of sweat and cunny juice stetching down with her pants as she pulls them off and sticking to her plush thighs. I wonder if she'd just leave it there to dry, not even bothering or perhaps she'd strike while the iron was hot and get herself even wetter, her fingers rubbing furiously down her front, occasionally slipping up inside, each stroke spilling one more squirt after another of warm salty liquid down her thighs like a leaky faucet. I bet she'd enjoy feeling like a filthy whore so after collpasing on her bed and catching her breath, she'd just put those shorts right back on without even wiping, letting her still steamy coochie marinate in her own swamp water for the rest of the day haha