Anonymous 04/28/2020 (Tue) 17:44:11 No.8977 del
>year 2034
>global pandemic has wiped out around 60% of the population
>most of the deaths in the first few years were caused by virus
>after that, more people started starving to death
>the virus somehow evolved and finding a cure has become increasingly difficult
>you can only pray you survive if you catch the virus
>resources have become scarce and people start rioting
>governments can barely tax people anymore because they stopped working
>no more money for police or military
>the world's wealthiest had taken most of the resources and holed themselves up in bunkers
>we don't know when they might come out
>no more government
>nowadays, we just form small communities and claim a bit of land so we can grow food and breed animals
>there were 38 of us when we got together
>it's down to 29 right now but maybe we can get a few more people that we can trust
>we still have our phones and we figured out how to use these solar panels we scavenged from some houses
>finally I can charge my phone

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