Anonymous 05/03/2020 (Sun) 11:29:35 No.9180 del
>ywn pass out drunk that night, thinking of how you will soon propose to her
>ywn wake up later to see she's not there
>ywn hear her grunting and moaning, and deep, hard slapping sounds coming from the garage
>ywn look through the window to see one of your friends fucking her passionately, as she muffles her screams by burying her face in his shoulder
>you hear her...she sounds like a different person..."fuck me...please fuck me..."
>she's never been this way with've never seen her like this before...she's like an animal, reduced to her raw, primal desires
>she wraps her legs around him, pulling him into her
>you see his cock is much longer and thicker than yours
>you thought you were more than enough to satisfy her, she's a small woman after all
>but as you see how she can take every inch of him, you realize just how much of her you've never touched, those places deep inside her that even she didn't know were there...until she gave herself to him
>Can you handle it? Can you handle knowing that even though she still loves you, even though it was a drunken mistake, even though she begs your forgiveness...can you handle knowing that every time you make love to her, some part of her will be wishing you were him? Comparing you to him?