Ode to pasta anon part 2 Anonymous 05/15/2020 (Fri) 12:03:42 No.9595 del
You stand silently as he approaches. He grins as he puts a hand on your shoulder saying,”It’s ok I know just the thing to loose your throat.” He now applies even more pressure on your shoulder as you reluctantly kneel looking up at him. His grin only grows as he unbuckles his belt, then un-does his button and zipper. He reaches down his pants and pulls out a massive cock, gently resting it on your head. He puts one of his hands behind your neck and begins to slowly massaging your neck saying,”Don’t worry sweetheart I’m sure after this you’ll have plenty to say.” He then lifts his cock off your, and moves his hand from your neck to the back of your head. Before you could even get a thought out he forces his cock down your throat. Instinctively you recoil back, but he anticipated this and is why he put his hand behind your hand. He pulls you back not even letting you pull out a few mm of cock. He then puts both hands on the side of your head and proceeds to unceremoniously face fuck you. As your throat slowly begins to expand, he’s able to little by little fit more of his cock down your throat. You start to reach your limit when you feel his balls slapping you while he’s finally fully down your throat. Realizing that your on the verge of passing out he says,” hang on baby girl I’m almost there.” He then pulls his cock half way out only to ram it back down your throat. Unbelievably his cock begins to swell even more and starts throbbing as he lets out sigh, followed by warm load down your throat filling your stomach up. He then releases his grip and leaves you slump down on bonbi’s fuzzy rug. Light headed and a bit full, all you could do is sit up.