Ode to pasta anon part 3 Anonymous 05/15/2020 (Fri) 12:05:40 No.9596 del
He walks up to you and starts stroking your head saying,”I haven’t dropped a load like that in awhile. If your pussy is anything as good as your throat I can only imagine the size of that load, but don’t worry I’ll pull out.” Bonbi finally breaks her silence in a panicked sentence saying,” but dad you already cummed, you could get her pregnant with your pre-cum!” He looks at her visibly annoyed but knows she’s right and really doesn’t want ruin the experience by wrapping up so he says as he positions you on you hands and knees as the skirt slowly rises up revealIng the black silken pantyhose.”I guess I’m just going to have to get a preview form something else.” You look back as he positions himself behind you. His cock already hard and dripping with pre-cum in anticipation of a promise to a new, tighter exploration. You look back at bonbi who mouths the words I’m sorry. You knew she was only trying to help, as you both know you really don’t have a pussy, but are glad the tight pantyhose are a deep black, which keeps your own pp and balls from being discovered. A feeble blessing that. Another thing your glad about her dad is, he isn’t a grouper. Which would of ended this little farce straight from the start. With all these thoughts racing through your mind you nearly forgot what was about to happen, as he quickly thumbed a hole through the pantyhose. His thumb brushing up your still virgin hole causing you to quiver a bit. He noticed that reaction and said,”oh this is your first time darling?” As he pushed two fingers in your ass, not even getting them a quarter of the way in. You wince quietly, but lucky for you it matched perfectly to how a sweet little, pure girl sounds right before her innocence is taken forever. He puts a single hand on your hip as he grabs his cock just behind the head with the other hand. He starts rubbing the head of his cock around your tight hole, as you feel his pre-cum soothingly being worked around your hole. He tells you not to worry, that this doesn’t count, your still a virgin right before he pulls you close pushing this tip in exclaiming,”OH FUCK.” The pain is beyond unbearable as he pushes more in, stretching your once virgin ass. Tears start to flow as you feebly try to find an outlet from the pain as he already started thrusting.