Ode to pasta anon part 4 Anonymous 05/15/2020 (Fri) 12:07:13 No.9597 del
You bury your face in bonbi’s rug, grabbing at it with both hands clenching as tight as you can as you feel her dad’s cock begin that familiar swelling and throbbing. Although it’s even more excruciating now, you know it’s almost over. He leans over and whispers in your ear,”since you both think so little of me, and that for some reason I can’t pull out this ones for you.” Just as he finishes his sentence he pushes his throbbing rock hard cock as far as it’ll go up your ass and let’s out another sigh of relief. This time you feel his warm load as it’s spills deep inside. It begins to work it’s way back out despite his massive cock blocking the way. He simply callously pushes you off his cock and simply walks out of the room. You lay on the rug for some time feeling the cum working it’s way out and down your legs. You finally find the strength to run up to bonbi as she embraces you. You start sobbing and tell her,” I’m sorry bonbi I didn’t know... I didn’t know, please forgive me for all the mean things I told you online.” hearing this she only tightens her embrace and tells it’s ok, it’s over now as she kisses you on your forehead before you drift off to sleep.