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For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God sent the Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him.

CHRISTIAN BOOKS COLLECTION Brother 09/25/2017 (Mon) 01:07:01 Id: 008312 [Preview] No. 163 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

Brother 09/26/2017 (Tue) 23:05:50 Id: 008312 [Preview] No. 164 del
(601.01 KB 1048x588 Heaven and Hell.png)




(83.55 KB 703x500 1oplx8.jpg)
Post Jesus quotes Brother 05/09/2017 (Tue) 18:05:34 Id: 331ff1 [Preview] No. 150 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
What did Jesus mean by this?

Brother 07/28/2017 (Fri) 20:49:23 Id: a0a197 [Preview] No. 160 del
really activates my almonds

hypothetical question Brother 04/23/2016 (Sat) 15:12:53 Id: a1cbff [Preview] No. 79 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
If someone were to survive their whole life and not sin once, but also not believe in Christ, would they go to heaven?

Brother 04/25/2016 (Mon) 00:14:47 [Preview] No. 80 del
What must you believe in Christ?

1) Christ is the only son of God?
2) Christ died as a substitution sacrafice for your sins?
3) Christ is co-substantial with the god the father. (Made of the same God Substance)?
4) Christ is the Messiah prophecized about in Issah and Daniel?
5) Christ is the temporal king of the world?
6) Christ will come again to judge the living and the dead?
7) Christ was born of the virgin mary without sin?
8) Christ performed healing miracles?
10) Christ said the sayings attributed to him in the books of Matthew, Mark Luke and John.
11) Paul is the apostle of Christ, and Peter the Bishop of rome and leader of the Church
12) The Baptism ritual with water and the words "I baptize you in the name of the father of the son and of the holy spirit"
Confers a baptismal character onto the baptized making the baptized a Christian, freed from all sins, and shielded from damnation by Christ?
13) Only those who are baptized are christians...all others are damned?
14) Christ was both man and god but not only one or the other. Two natures human and divine?
15) God is three persons. Seperate and distinct but all god. God the Father, God the Son, God the holy spirit?

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Brother 04/25/2016 (Mon) 00:58:25 [Preview] No. 81 del
lol go on carm.org, almost all of those questions are answered there.

Brother 09/13/2016 (Tue) 22:12:02 Id: ffc222 [Preview] No. 122 del
Don't they go to limbo or something like that? I know it talked about this in the Divine Comedy (or at least its Wikipedia page did :^) ), but I feel a bit stupid saying things are fact if it doesn't come from scripture.

Brother 09/14/2016 (Wed) 08:37:17 Id: 11aa16 [Preview] No. 124 del
(16.00 KB 125x102 1349050703159.gif)
The divine comedy is Dante being mad at people who disagreed with him not a map of the afterlife m8.

inquiline 04/26/2017 (Wed) 01:51:59 [Preview] No. 148 del
It is impossible for someone not to sin. Sin is an inherited disease
from Adam and it is in your flesh. Even a saved Christian will still
sin, but his sins will no be put on his account. You have to consider
that you are made of up more than one part. The flesh will die and sin
forever, hopefully less after the Spirit gets united in Christ.

To do that you need to know with out a doubt that you need a savior and
trust the Jesus Christ took care of your problem. The change is not
physical but the inside change will work its way out if you let it.

The Eric Jon Phelps Show Brother 08/30/2016 (Tue) 00:24:00 Id: f1f739 [Preview] No. 110 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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Brother 09/01/2016 (Thu) 06:43:34 Id: f1f739 [Preview] No. 114 del
Unfortunately Eric discredits his other good information on religion and politics by positing this untrue flat Earth theory.

#YcYLSH 09/01/2016 (Thu) 09:17:02 [Preview] No. 115 del
More like eisegetical dogma. A self proclaimed Calvinist that believes in Dispensationalist is a closet Anglican and also believes that God contradicts Himself as to the nature of how He predestines his people regardless of whatever era one is born in. Dispensationalism makes the Jews saved by blood, not by their faith. When people say Covenant Theology instead of Replacement Theology or the Reformed Faith, they refer to Dispensationalism. They believe that the Church cannot replace Israel and by that they mean flesh and blood Israelites. If that what they think is going on, then they never truly understood the bible in its entirety, also known as "Tota Scriptura", not to be confused with "Sola Scriptura". Most pro King James Version Onlyism people listen to fallacious people preaching nonsense like Sola KJV which is that only the spelling of the King James Version bible can save one's soul, while most of these people come from Anglican based denominations. Baptists that weren't Reformed Baptists like the Southern Baptists had lost their way and are full of Freemasons.

Eric Jon Phelps used to not believe in the Flat Earth Theory just a year ago, but now he's a full blown shill and caved into its nonsense so that he can get more money from the Flat Earthers while his hardcore followers already stopped listening to EJP when he was inconsistent in what he taught concerning the true nature of the English Monarchists trying to use the Protestant Reformation to reform England since Henry VIII hated the Vatican messing with his life. He had hid the nature of King James' closet homosexuality, how he was hated by the Puritans, Calvinists, Presbyterians, Anabaptists and were persecuted under his papist reign through the state controlled Anglicans that pushed Arminianism that focuses on works based salvation, AKA: Penance.

It is from a Dispensationalist stance that Premillennialism and a Pre-Tribulational rapture is promoted, that Apostle John is made a liar for recording the book of Revelation after the destruction of Jerusalem in a 3 and half year period from AD 66 to 70. I have said time and time again that I'm a Partial Preterist, not a Full/Hyper Preterist. There will be a rapture, but before that happens, God would have to gather the tares first to burn them. We are already in the spiritual, allegorical 1000 year reign of Christ Jesus on earth through the Holy Spirit preaching the gospel unto all nations and that kingdom of God is the body of Christ. I argue that this stance is the most consistent stance, which is why many scholars in their ivory towers seek to dismiss Partial Preterism. Almost all of the stuff in Matthew 24 historically happened while Matthew 25 has yet to come.

Anglican Priest Ethelbert William Bullinger (E.W. Bullinger) is where most of this modern understanding of the seven Dispensations garbage comes from, which is not the same form of "Dispensationalism" that was traditionally held which is that the church was formed at Pentecost that had done away with the older system God had with the Judahites. This dispensationalism you know of is called hyper/ultra-dispensationalism. E.W. Bullinger is also a member of the Universal Zetetic Society, the name of the Flat Earth Society before they had their name changed.

With Anglicans, you lose.

DispDis Brother 03/25/2017 (Sat) 22:06:49 [Preview] No. 143 del
This must be the most inaccurate shameless rant on dispensationalisum I have ever read. Founded in conjecture only. Oh P.S. as a dispensationalist my eschatology belief is PRE-Wrath.

Christian websites you recommend Brother 07/04/2016 (Mon) 03:46:33 [Preview] No. 98 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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Brother 10/16/2016 (Sun) 08:48:23 Id: 0020a4 [Preview] No. 133 del
I also suggest moving here. https://8ch.net/christian/catalog.html
We're expanding the board and we'll like for you to join.

Brother 10/17/2016 (Mon) 03:41:16 Id: 388c50 [Preview] No. 135 del
There's a reason people left 8chan so no thanks.

Brother 10/18/2016 (Tue) 03:22:05 Id: a0d6f1 [Preview] No. 137 del
So they could come to a dead Christianity board on an even deader chan?

Brother 10/18/2016 (Tue) 05:21:02 Id: 388c50 [Preview] No. 138 del
(79.33 KB 600x600 1469046241914.jpeg)

Brother 01/12/2016 (Tue) 03:38:22 Id: a1338c [Preview] No. 48 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Hey /christian/. I'm not here to shitpost, I'm not here to cause problems, I'm just here because I came across pic related a day or so ago. Maybe some of you even saw it.

I'm not a frequent 8/christian/ poster, so I don't really know who Cuckvol is. That say, I do identify as a Christian, I am anti-pedo, and I do feel like it should be an issue that a possible pedophile has some part in running a Christian board.

I tried asking about it but got banned for being a 'vulture', see next pic. I tried asking about it on our /pol/, but the volunteer spazzed out on me. Seeing as a good portion of /pol/ is Christian, I assumed somebody from there might have known. An anon suggested I ask here, which I would've done had I known this board existed. Anyway, is there any truth to the allegations crudely put out by the OP of the thread I found? Is there any information relevant to this?

I can only repeat, I am not here to shitpost and this is a genuine inquiry. I genuinely do not know why /pol/ reacted the way it did, I'd like to think I'd get a more accommodating response here. If not, fine. No ill will is intended with this, none.
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Brother 01/13/2016 (Wed) 08:45:15 Id: a1338c [Preview] No. 53 del
Okay. Thanks anyhow, bruv.

Yeah, I saw your post over on /christ/. I asked about it there, too, but that place is really dead. If you have any info whatsoever on Cuckvol, feel free to divulge.

Brother 04/01/2016 (Fri) 08:52:48 Id: 4b5d29 [Preview] No. 77 del
pot calling kettle black

Brother 09/13/2016 (Tue) 22:14:13 Id: 51e8d3 [Preview] No. 123 del
>Seeing as a good portion of /pol/ is Christian
Try saying that their and watch as a majority of the posters talk about "muh kike on a stick"

Brother 09/21/2016 (Wed) 21:34:42 Id: 13315d [Preview] No. 125 del
Ya I dunno why people keep saying that. Most posters there are heathens or straight up pagans.

מָוֶת&שְׁאוֹל 10/03/2016 (Mon) 18:43:18 [Preview] No. 131 del
The question was worded in an accusatory way. Instead of asking:
>why is he a pedo
'why are people saying he's a pedo?'
This doesn't make the assumption that he is, and it asks the question that's more relevant to your needs.

As for your earlier concerns about a possible pedo running a Christian board: if he's repented, awesome, if not, pray for him, and in the end we know that God is powerful enough to work all authority to the end of his will.

tl;dr: if you're afraid of corruption in the church, then you do not truly fathom the power of our Heavenly Father.

(70.21 KB 113x162 1458856212936.gif)
Brother 07/01/2016 (Fri) 00:20:46 Id: 873642 [Preview] No. 96 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I'm a recent convert to Christianity, and purchased my first bible. My question is what book would be the best place for me to start? I've heard the first book of John, and Psalm are important books, but I'm still unsure.

#YcYLSH 07/01/2016 (Fri) 06:50:47 [Preview] No. 97 del

(70.32 KB 600x410 hammer.jpg)
Hello all Anonymous 01/04/2016 (Mon) 00:20:25 [Preview] No. 2 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Hey guys. So is 8chan kill?

Anonymous 01/04/2016 (Mon) 00:34:54 [Preview] No. 3 del
(195.65 KB 1247x727 Lecuck.png)
Not yet, but it is only a matter of time.
8/v/ was already down once with pic related, clicking anything redirected you to next
Though its back again, god knows for how long.

Anonymous 01/04/2016 (Mon) 01:27:23 [Preview] No. 4 del
I just want a dark theme. This bright theme is raping my eyes.

Brother 01/14/2016 (Thu) 00:07:32 Id: 505bc6 [Preview] No. 54 del
(37.84 KB 382x417 shaded cat.jpg)
Look up how to edit custom css on your browser

(127.94 KB 365x343 1451583662390.png)
banner thread Brother 01/06/2016 (Wed) 02:21:00 Id: e6d413 [Preview] No. 23 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
here, have some shit banners I made
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Brother 01/06/2016 (Wed) 05:58:14 Id: e6d413 [Preview] No. 35 del
(141.65 KB 423x205 argument.PNG)

Brother 01/06/2016 (Wed) 06:00:17 Id: e6d413 [Preview] No. 36 del
(54.07 KB 374x218 crusader.png)

Brother 01/06/2016 (Wed) 06:04:03 Id: e6d413 [Preview] No. 37 del
(20.94 KB 339x194 how was mass.jpeg)

Brother 01/06/2016 (Wed) 06:07:47 Id: e6d413 [Preview] No. 38 del
(46.55 KB 378x230 orthobro.jpg)
I'm on a roll today.

Brother 01/07/2016 (Thu) 04:25:05 Id: e6d413 [Preview] No. 41 del
(43.79 KB 594x196 randomBanner.jpg)

(108.74 KB 640x480 as it should be.jpg)
Are we safe from the CUCKVOL? Anonymous 01/04/2016 (Mon) 04:26:52 [Preview] No. 5 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Is the CUCKVOL the owner of this board? If not, we should all move here, if so, we have wasted our time.
4 posts and 3 images omitted.

Brother 01/05/2016 (Tue) 01:28:09 [Preview] No. 10 del
Sure I can try and see if I am cut out for it.

Brother 01/05/2016 (Tue) 01:56:24 [Preview] No. 11 del
(14.41 KB 489x358 78pEgFy.png)
You will need to create an account on the board then and give me your login name.
Send it here rather than posting it in the open for security purposes.

Brother 01/05/2016 (Tue) 03:42:10 [Preview] No. 12 del
Got thy email
From now on /christian/ shall by in thy hands.
Whoever thou may be.

I should have probably verified if you are a jew or not, but I'm too lazy for that.

Brother 01/05/2016 (Tue) 03:56:29 [Preview] No. 14 del
He's not as far as I know.

t. Just talked to him on Steam

Brother 01/05/2016 (Tue) 23:22:02 [Preview] No. 16 del
I know this nigger is not a kike. I talk with him a fair bit.w