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>>God cucking Joseph
Joseph wasn't married to Mary. They were ESPOUSED, but it specifically says they were not married. "Cucking" doesn't apply here, as >>277 says.
>>Israelites being the chosen people
They were and then they were not. You will find the ancient Israelites a civilized people when they adhered to God's Will, and not like the Jews we know today. The Jews today are a cursed people (if you can call them "a people", as they (the Israelites) don't exist today despite Jewish Zionist claims).
>why quote it
Probably because the book was written with a Rabbinical audience in mind. Since the Jews adhere to the Talmud, citing the Talmud to tell them they're wrong would make sense, besides that the Talmud is full of pagan influence and it would thus make sense to quote it if you are trying to make a point about the Jews being devil-worshipers (which they may as well be, as they reject Jesus as our Lord and Savior).
Well, molly-coddled first-worlders are incredibly thin-skinned when it comes to animals, often forgetting that they're not humans (e.g. consider how many married couples treat their pet dog like a child, not wanting to invest the responsibility in a child but wishing to fill the void, not realizing that a dog can never fill that void, being only a dog; also, ironically, despite being so thin-skinned, they are also incredibly vicious to those they deem "wrong", like a mad man who at one moment would appear to be a saintly figure, gentle in all speech and behavior, but in the next, a vile beast whose only comprehensible words come as curses and obscenities, teeth barred and body reeled in frightened defensiveness). So my "advice" would be to live in the wilds for a few months if you can't figure out on your own that animals are animals and nature is nature, besides that what constitutes as "abuse" often varies (e.g. spanking one's child is often considered child abuse nowadays in Western countries, but not a hundred years ago or in more sensible countries). But this >>277