PROPHECY- The Damnation Of My Wicked Servant Roberts Liardon Brother 11/20/2023 (Mon) 01:21 Id: e36f37 No.356 del
PROPHECY- The Damnation Of My Wicked Servant Roberts Liardon

PROPHECY- "My son, I have punishment in store for all who go astray. That includes Roberts Liardon. He is a wicked homosexual controlled by the spirit of sodomy he never got rid of. He is a wicked homosexual, damned forever in the Lake of Fire. Soon he will go there, wicked man. In secret he still practices his sin, oh the wrath built up for this wicked man. He is My enemy, damned forever in the Lake of Fire, and leading others there too. Oh flee this man of sin before you go there too, oh wicked man of perdition. I see his calling into the ministry, but he went astray after sin. Many go this way, they never finish their race but go aside aster Satan and his wicked lusts. Wicked homosexual he is, damned forever! I will put him there by My angels, cast down to Hell forever. He won't repent but loves his sin, he can't get enough of wicked sodomy practices. Damned forever I will put him there, O wicked Liardon. Into Hell he shall go until Judgment Day, where he shall stand before Me and answer for all of his wicked deeds practiced before Me. I called him into the prophetic, but he rejected it for more money and wealth. That is where he went astray- after money and wealth of Satan. He wanted it more than Me, then lust came in of the worst type: sodomy. He can't get rid of it, for I have abandoned him unto his sin; he loves it. He can't get enough of wicked pleasures of the worst type: man before man in wicked sodomy. Together they shall burn forever! I have spoken, says the LORD of Hosts. Amen and amen."