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NEW CLONED CCS Moneymannn 05/15/2021 (Sat) 15:39:08 [Preview] No. 176
Finally got a new card machine…I’ve been cloning cards for years now.
Cards also come embossed with you name if needed. However, I recommend only using at the atm.

Message me on telegram (fastest): @m0neyp4ys
Email: [email protected]
Only message me at those addresses please, I won’t respond to anything else
And please be patient as I get tons of messages a day

Currently only have cards with $4000 USD and up (Highest balance currently on hand is $10,000)
Lowest starting at $500. Willing to negotiate only if you are buying multiple cards.

Bitcoin and Zelle(depending on country) are the only acceptable forms of payment

Yes, the price is a little high, but cheap service is never good service. But a lot of people would rather learn that the hard way.

Shipment through USPS with tracking number available once I ship. I will also send you a copy of the card details just so you have it till the package arrives.

Now a little PSA: please be smart on the "darkweb", yes data dumps and breaches are a thing but no one just has 100s of active cc's just sitting. I try to get more as often as possible but even I run out sometimes.

With that being said, the limit is two per person. And honestly, it’s also for your protection as using multiple stolen cc’s in the same time frame can get risky.

Some Frequent Questions:
- Picture proof is extremely useless in this day and age, even middle schoolers can work photoshop now so please beware
- No, I will not accept half payment and the rest afterwards, not sure how that makes sense to you guys
- Yes, USPS is perfectly safe, it comes in a regular envelope with your name and address so there is absolutely nothing to worry about

Any additional questions please feel free to message me, happy to answer all questions as transparency is key. Stay safe

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