Anonymous 01/12/2019 (Sat) 14:39:07 Id: 7505e6 No.1119 del
>You can't help getting the feeling that the government is giving you the middle finger and laughing.

Its a depressing situation and an ever-growing one at that in the US. Right now government growth as slowed down a bit but you still see they have their hands everywhere. Right now there is a bill, I kid you not, in Congress that if ever passed would force home audits by the federal government to make sure you keep up with those big tech 'upgrades', which almost no one wants and are totally unnecessary. Of course this would mean the government could spy on you more often because we must be considered suspects of something evil. Its ridiculous and if it gets way too out of control in the US I'll have no problem dying in a standoff with these punks, maybe take a couple with me.