Awanama 12/24/2020 (Thu) 08:09:53 No.5630 del
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This happens to me since three months ago I met her on tinder, so I was born into a strictly religious family. Doing sex before marriage is inappropriate behaviour for some peoples. But you should know that I was frustrated with my romantic life. I don't ever have a girlfriend or even make friendship with women's in real life. Someone like me is really not qualified for some tender of love.

That's why I hire a prostitute just for fulfill my loneliness and my desperation of love. I know this is ridiculous because I don't looking for sex, I've called a local prostitute (from tinder) just for cuddle with me. Sleeping the entire night beside her is really make me comfort. We don't do anything except talking about life. She's really nice to me and said that I could call her again whenever I have mental breakdown and need her hugs. Honestly, she's not my type. She just average, not really breathtaking, Chinese Mommy 7/10 I thought.

The funny thing is I don't know if she genuinely doing this shit just because she's care about me or just need my money, as long as she can make me happy I will be still with her. What do you think guys? Is that normal if I falling in love and considering to serious relationship with a prostitute?

I mean, you all know that she isn't only nice to me but also to the entire of her clients. I have never feel romantic experience before, so this relationship is really meaningful for me. It was almost more than 10x she come to my apartment, even yesterday she cook dinner for me, and pretend to be my girlfriend (padahal aku gak nyuruh dia dateng).

I really love her so much. But like I've said before, I don't have sex with her because my religion. And sometimes I thought this is stupid because I spent my money for buying something that I couldn't have.

>TLDR: OP sebenarnya cuma kesepian, dan buang-buang uang cuma untuk membeli sesuatu yang tidak bisa OP miliki. Tapi apakah ada kemungkinan wan?