GPL and programmers ("fellow" programmers are pieces of fucking shit) the hacker known as 4chan 05/24/2021 (Mon) 06:37:30 No.105 del
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>I only use mit, mpl, and apache licenced libraries. Gpl can fuck off I'm selling my work.

Is it your contention that you referencing a GPL'd library function makes your program a non-seperable derivative work of the GPL'd library?

Is that your contention?
Are you a fucking retard?
Oh, you're a programmer!

I bet you believe that editing someone else's code and then making a "diff" of your changes makes that a seperable non-derivative work too!

Stupid fucking piece of shit.
Here's a hint:
You can "link" GPL'd code as you wish from anywhere under US jurisprudence.
You cannot distribute diffs of changes you made to the GPL'd library/kernel/etc itself with ANY additional terms.

But you fucking programmers believe

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