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Top wew, watched all four clips of this last night. Based mama is definitely a spiritual jew, if not a racial one, as are definitely all her coworkers, if Kraut really smokes as much as he was doing during this whole shtick (40 a day, wew) any real construction work will kill him, that discord faggot "change targets to 'persons of interest' because it will look bad when this thing leaks" made me switch my view on "muh optics" faggots from "they're trying to help, but fundamentally misunderstand the point of all this" to "a good portion of them are skeevy little rats".
In retrospect, I found it intensely interesting that based mama the kike had a $30,000 business loan on the line and STILL couldn't separate politics from financial obligations (for a free speech event, of all things). It's crazy to me. If I were hosting such an event, I would invite the most ardent nazis and commies both I could find to speak at the thing, as well as all shades in between, make it really good. Further, she ends up dis inviting speakers she had previously advertised NOT TO attempt to clumsily disengage from the event, but rather to give speaking slots to her little Arizonan or whoever cronies.
Even after all Kraut did, (and the guy is, without a doubt, a vengeful cowardly hypocrite who tries to play demagogue but is the worst in the world at it) I still dislike based mama more, because while Kraut had a retard chip on his shoulder, at least his was against people who were already putting their face out there, so were already in the arena, as it were, whereas based mama had no problem fleecing regular joes out of their (probably) hard earned wages, then lied about it multiple times, tried to force NDA's and NC's on speakers, (so jewish) and, in spite of all this being exposed, still has the gall to CONTINUE to lie about everything instead of admitting wrongdoing and trying to make things right with all the people she screwed over.
Punishment fits the crime for kraut, his little dreams of e-celeb stardom by being a retard intelektul fence-sitter are crushed forever and he's relegated to construction with lousy lungs, but based mama really, REALLY needs to get her due and get it fast by ending up in debtor's prison with her assets all frozen and divvied out to the people she's defrauded.