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(31.38 KB 404x720 1509530616160.jpg)
(534.99 KB 1823x1676 1509529564594.jpg)
(28.27 KB 540x540 1509530921863.jpg)
(48.36 KB 400x533 1509531447508.jpg)
Been Shapiro's sister nudes Anonymous 11/01/2017 (Wed) 17:19:59 Id: d500e1 [Preview] No. 19406
Ethics cucks aside, these past 3 years have been one unending stream of greatness.
>Those fucking tits
>Looks like Ben! Lmao
I would unironically colonize her Benny womb with my goy genes.

Anonymous 11/01/2017 (Wed) 17:44:29 Id: e227df [Preview] No. 19407 del
>I would unironically colonize her Benny womb with my goy genes.
Bah, she's not even european. Leave that to some cuck who wants to breed another supreme gentleman. Good find all the same, you can really see the "conservative values" that these republikikes have, aka milk stupid goyim for shekels while saying things they want to hear.

Anonymous 11/01/2017 (Wed) 18:27:42 Id: add266 [Preview] No. 19411 del
Jew women will manipulate men worst then regular women.

Anonymous 11/01/2017 (Wed) 18:28:49 Id: b30a48 [Preview] No. 19412 del
She looks just like him!

Anonymous 11/01/2017 (Wed) 19:49:18 [Preview] No. 19416 del
no ethics cucks here moar pics?

Anonymous 11/01/2017 (Wed) 20:48:39 [Preview] No. 19418 del
(15.58 KB 473x571 1460_0.jpg)
>ugly face
>cow tits
>short hair

Anonymous 11/01/2017 (Wed) 21:23:48 Id: b30a48 [Preview] No. 19421 del
She's got nice jewbs to be honest, family.

Anonymous 11/01/2017 (Wed) 22:35:03 Id: a275d4 [Preview] No. 19423 del
It's funny that she got slammed by a big white dick, as you can see in the first picture.

Anonymous 11/01/2017 (Wed) 23:07:30 Id: b30a48 [Preview] No. 19425 del
That is a pretty big dick tbh. My dick would get about a quarter of the way up to the top of her boobs.

Anonymous 11/01/2017 (Wed) 23:42:44 Id: e227df [Preview] No. 19426 del
Sure, but bobs are the tool by which the european man is enslaved from reaching his potential. The ideal is a wife you can barely stand so you're only impregnating her and then you go off and do your own productive stuff the rest of the time.

Anonymous 11/02/2017 (Thu) 02:38:23 Id: b30a48 [Preview] No. 19427 del
>not archiving the halfchan link

Anonymous 02/26/2018 (Mon) 09:51:11 Id: e28fcc [Preview] No.20540 del
(216.01 KB 353x431 Abigail_Shapiro.png)
t. flaming homosexual

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