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The fish controversy Anonymous 11/09/2017 (Thu) 04:13:27 Id: 3ac41d [Preview] No. 19584

>The fake news media is now attacking GEoM Trump for his “disrespectful” one-toss of his box of fish chow to the greedy koi below, despite Abe following up in exactly the same fashion.

During his trip to Japan, President Trump joined Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in feeding the fish outside the Akasaka Palace in Tokyo, but instead of daintily scooping the whole box into the pond, Trump chose to dump the entire box into the pond – an act that his old media fanclub and more uptight individuals have been labeling as disrespectful.

We have literally come full circle if these kikes are kvetching over how to feed some fish lol

Anonymous 11/09/2017 (Thu) 05:18:34 Id: 2261c4 [Preview] No. 19585 del
It's not that they give a fuck about the fish, it's that the headline always catches more attention than the retraction.
Americans are retarded, plain and simple.
Their game plan is to hopefully fling enough shit about Trump as they can out there, false or not, just get it out there, until 2020 elections, and hopefully this barrage of bullshit will have the slightest effect on people still in the middle of the road.
tbh I was a middle of the road voter up until this past election, I've voted Democrat and Republican in my lifetime, and I've even abstained from voting because McCain and Romney were shit candidates, and I already knew Obama was going to get elected the first time around for being First Black Prez. Romney was nothing remarkable. I did contribute to Ron Paul's campaign though.
It's people like who I was that they're hoping to snag with all this bullshit, people who really don't give a fuck about either candidate because they both suck, and "well at least the other guy isn't a retard when it comes to feeding fish."

The problem is, this doesn't motivate people to go vote. It sure as shit didn't work last election. I just hope there isn't enough brown people to vote a Dem in next election either.

Anonymous 11/10/2017 (Fri) 19:06:20 Id: cb0509 [Preview] No. 19606 del
it gets juicier

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