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(147.96 KB 1280x720 IMG_20171113_200430.jpg)
#BoycottBattlefront2 Anonymous 11/14/2017 (Tue) 02:07:41 Id: 6ec6b0 [Preview] No. 19635
>but muh boycotts don't work
>but muh developer support
>but muh buycott instead
>but muh #GamerGate doesn't boycott

The masses are all over this shit.

Anonymous 11/14/2017 (Tue) 02:41:19 Id: 1c4640 [Preview] No. 19636 del
Disgusting! Now here's a game I'm going to pirate as always and when the $2 steam sale hits I still won't buy it! That'll show 'em!

Anonymous 11/14/2017 (Tue) 03:30:26 Id: d6b6c6 [Preview] No. 19637 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=UUgZvZrcc4Y [Embed]&t=3s alphas video on this

Anonymous 11/14/2017 (Tue) 04:49:23 Id: 2483db [Preview] No. 19639 del
Watched a youtube video saying how much and how long it would take to unlock every SW hero...
https://youtube.com/watch?v=aCNsU-XpefE [Embed]&ab_channel=YongYea

Then EA decided to bring the cost down
https://youtube.com/watch?v=oeZrwq3KhRA [Embed]&ab_channel=YongYea

Only reason I like that channel of because of Mighty No 9 and NeoGaf stories

Anonymous 11/14/2017 (Tue) 11:33:39 Id: 387d06 [Preview] No. 19640 del
(33.44 KB 460x472 1510525166574.jpg)
Well now's the time to show the kikes running the scene with Gamergate how wrong they were about Boycotts. Think about how many giants this would be taking down a notch at once. If that doesn't send a clear message to the industry to stop fucking with its consumers then I don't know what will.

Anonymous 11/14/2017 (Tue) 11:39:29 Id: a9720c [Preview] No. 19641 del
I think it is at the point where ALL Star Wars shit should be boycotted due to the kike infiltration of the movie series, let alone the games.

Anonymous 11/14/2017 (Tue) 12:31:35 [Preview] No. 19642 del
remember the modern warfare 2 boycott? they bought it anyway

it won't work. redditors and normalfags dont boycott, they are retarded

Anonymous 11/14/2017 (Tue) 12:38:43 [Preview] No. 19643 del
(31.47 KB 492x325 fuck off.jpg)
>I-I don't even like that youtube channel
kek, the upload limit is 350 mb. stupid dishonest chink

Anonymous 11/14/2017 (Tue) 13:09:36 Id: a9720c [Preview] No. 19644 del
(3.31 MB 2560x1080 06 - aj7mv5Y.png)
It didn't work because the kids who play CoD are too young to understand what a boycott is let alone why to do one.

Anonymous 11/14/2017 (Tue) 13:23:30 Id: 0e2827 [Preview] No. 19645 del

>>ALL Star Wars shit should be boycotted due to the kike infiltration of the movie series

+ its boring

Anonymous 11/14/2017 (Tue) 13:57:39 Id: b01379 [Preview] No. 19646 del
>Kids are the only ones buying CoD, not Chadhans and Chad Thundercocks plus their orbiters


Anonymous 11/14/2017 (Tue) 13:59:44 Id: 4a0fd3 [Preview] No. 19647 del
Need to make some oc memes in this to spread around the twitters with a gamergoyim approved boycott to fuck with Kill in action n coleslaw cuck hq

Anonymous 11/14/2017 (Tue) 16:13:00 Id: 2568e9 [Preview] No. 19648 del
(883.89 KB 1200x634 diversty hires.png)
FUCK EA. they fucked themselves by hiring non-whites. DO NOT HIRE STREET SHITTERS!
manveer heir is a street shitter! HE IS AN EXAMPLE AS TO WHY YOU DO NOT HIRE SHITSKINS!

Anonymous 11/14/2017 (Tue) 16:24:03 Id: 4a0fd3 [Preview] No. 19649 del
The anti Trump angle can also work to shit on ea remember the mass effect commercial some one did to promote the emperor ea went full shut it down mode over it saying >out assets will not be used to promote this guy or something to that extent last year during the primaries they are anti trump, anti white, and support communism paint this shit on the starwars game for lols

Anonymous 11/14/2017 (Tue) 16:55:57 Id: 2568e9 [Preview] No. 19650 del
oh I do remember good sir. EA needs to be the next NFL.

Anonymous 11/14/2017 (Tue) 19:58:48 Id: 4a0fd3 [Preview] No. 19653 del
Add one more these fags won't hire American workers only outsource pajeets

Anonymous 11/16/2017 (Thu) 08:04:10 Id: b05eb0 [Preview] No. 19667 del

>Wall Street is getting worried social media outrage over EA's ‘Star Wars’ game may hurt sales

>Analysts are concerned about the growing uproar over Electronic Arts' "Star Wars Battlefront II" in-game monetization model.

>"We see recent controversies as a potential risk for unit sales vs buyside expectations," Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst writes in a note to clients.

>"Management highlighted game depth and quality, but did not provide an update on unit expectations. As for the Battlefront 2 hero costs controversy, EA indicated the original hero costs were established based on targeted rate of game play progression and balance (not economics)," analyst Justin Post wrote in a note to clients Wednesday.

>"Early reviews have been impacted by negative sentiment around a character progression system that publications and consumers believe overemphasize microtransactions," analyst Michael Olson wrote in a note to clients Tuesday. "We believe review scores for a game like Star Wars Battlefront are less important, given the strength of the Star Wars brand, but recognize the negative sentiment is a challenge."

>"If Star Wars can encourage users to spend real money on virtual goods (like FIFA) the game could drive meaningful upside to F'18 and '19 EPS, but this is not a certainty," O'Shea wrote in a note to clients Nov. 1 entitled "Star Wars Battlefront 2: A Trick Or a Treat?"

Reminder that anyone who claims boycotts don't work or tries to push retarded shit like a "Buycott" needs to be slapped and called out for being a little BITCH!

Anonymous 11/16/2017 (Thu) 09:16:21 [Preview] No. 19668 del
(5.97 KB 184x184 kek hat.jpg)
>tfw wall street saves us from EA's jewry
>tfw wall street kills microtransactions and DLC practices

Anonymous 11/16/2017 (Thu) 21:15:55 Id: 387d06 [Preview] No. 19672 del
(41.35 KB 640x347 1510770721109.jpg)
>Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst writes in a note to clients.

The fact that someone like Merrill Lynch even has a pony in this race is scary.

>Reminder that anyone who claims boycotts don't work or tries to push retarded shit like a "Buycott" needs to be slapped and called out for being a little BITCH!

You know that no matter how much you bring up this inconvenient truth to them, they'll do damage control out the ass.

Anonymous 11/17/2017 (Fri) 03:29:46 Id: e763db [Preview] No. 19676 del
quick update e.a cucks



In a surprising development, Electronic Arts have decided to remove the ability to purchase crystals with real-world money in Star Wars Battlefront 2.
Crystals were the in-game currency that would be only available with real-world cash. Crystals were the primary means of using the in-game microtransactions, but their absence in the menus of Star Wars Battlefront 2 points to them possibly being removed entirely from the game.
In a statement posted moments ago, DICE GM Oskar Gabrielson shared that teams at DICE and EA are listening to their fanbase over the recent controversies surrounding the in-game microtransactions.
We’ve heard the concerns about potentially giving players unfair advantages. And we’ve heard that this is overshadowing an otherwise great game. This was never our intention. Sorry we didn’t get this right.
We hear you loud and clear, so we’re turning off all in-game purchases. We will now spend more time listening, adjusting, balancing and tuning. This means that the option to purchase crystals in the game is now offline, and all progression will be earned through gameplay. The ability to purchase crystals in-game will become available at a later date, only after we’ve made changes to the game. We’ll share more details as we work through this.
While the move is a temporary one, the removal of crystals in-game is a monumental change to the game’s overall online system.
Rumblings about the change were first heard online with several journalists tweeting about the inability to buy items with crystals in their versions of the game.

Anonymous 11/17/2017 (Fri) 05:28:25 Id: 196e91 [Preview] No. 19678 del
>decided to remove the ability to purchase crystals with real-world money
No, they only TEMPORARILY disabled it

Anonymous 11/17/2017 (Fri) 05:36:55 Id: e763db [Preview] No. 19679 del
fun part is this shits not going to fix anything they are going to double down now people smell blood its on let the chaos take over

Anonymous 11/17/2017 (Fri) 06:58:33 Id: e18c76 [Preview] No. 19680 del
watching you gg people is like watching dingos eat each other. Just stop your whole movement, we all know these games suck none of us will buy them, I might play this shit in five years from now. All gaming companies will be obliterated and we will see what comes from the mod scene as their code is opened.

Anonymous 11/17/2017 (Fri) 08:44:01 Id: 65f248 [Preview] No. 19681 del
>not understanding this board
>comment anyway

Anonymous 11/17/2017 (Fri) 13:55:31 Id: 255243 [Preview] No.19683 del
Lurk two years before posting new fag

Anonymous 11/17/2017 (Fri) 16:36:45 Id: 255243 [Preview] No.19684 del
https://techraptor.net/content/star-wars-battlefront-ii-belgium-loot-box-gambling this could be the real reason for them to temporarily stop the cash boxes they are being investigated

Anonymous 11/18/2017 (Sat) 00:53:33 Id: d5c255 [Preview] No.19694 del
Sup Mark. How's it going defending your industry friends?

Anonymous 11/18/2017 (Sat) 10:26:48 [Preview] No.19695 del
das it mane, they are being sued in France, Belgium and other EU countries for gambling, so they shut it down

Anonymous 11/18/2017 (Sat) 22:10:49 Id: fe2a66 [Preview] No.19696 del

Anonymous 11/19/2017 (Sun) 00:27:47 Id: 196e91 [Preview] No.19697 del
We stand for ethics in game journalism.
Boycotts harm publishers, who hate us.
We stand for ethics in game journalism.
Boycotts harm publishers, who hate us.
We stand for ethics in game journalism.
Boycotts harm publishers, who hate us.
We stand for ethics in game journalism.
Boycotts harm publishers, who hate us.

Repeat it after me go-- I mean guys.

Anonymous 11/19/2017 (Sun) 00:27:52 Id: c21b68 [Preview] No.19698 del

Anonymous 11/21/2017 (Tue) 05:31:36 Id: f75949 [Preview] No.19702 del

Gamers are overreacting to EA's ‘Star Wars’ controversy, publishers should raise prices: Analyst
KeyBanc Capital Markets says outrage over video game micro-transaction pricing is not justified.
"If you take a step back and look at the data, an hour of video game content is still one of the cheapest forms of entertainment," the firm's analyst writes. "Quantitative analysis shows that video game publishers are actually charging gamers at a relatively inexpensive rate, and should probably raise prices."
Tae Kim | @firstadopter
Published 3 Hours Ago | Updated 2 Hours Ago

Anonymous 11/21/2017 (Tue) 05:33:19 Id: f75949 [Preview] No.19703 del

Anonymous 11/21/2017 (Tue) 05:39:00 Id: f75949 [Preview] No.19704 del
http://archive.is/0CPLI oy vey now you can unlock legs for free goyim just for now

Anonymous 11/21/2017 (Tue) 05:40:42 Id: f75949 [Preview] No.19705 del
the rats not happy over (((e.a)) and their shekel hoarding operation http://archive.is/he6Hr

Anonymous 11/21/2017 (Tue) 17:18:20 [Preview] No.19709 del
>Unlocking Everything Will Cost $2,100 or Take 4,500 Hours
<disable microtransactions
>Unlocking Everything Will now Take 4,500 Hours
BF2 buyers are fucked either way.

Anonymous 11/21/2017 (Tue) 21:46:46 Id: 387d06 [Preview] No.19710 del
(1.55 MB 393x561 1510354136070.gif)
>If you take a step back and look at the data, an hour of video game content is still one of the cheapest forms of entertainment,"

The MSM constantly lies to you about what is actually good on the market and when you try to return it, don't expect full price refund you fat kikes. Nice job dodging the problem.

>Gamers are overreacting to EA's ‘Star Wars’ controversy, publishers should raise prices: Analyst

This is like a play right out of the book of Bobby Kotick.

Anonymous 11/22/2017 (Wed) 12:22:03 Id: bd5852 [Preview] No.19711 del
>it won't work. redditors and normalfags dont boycott, they are retarded
Here's a hint you know why this is succeeding where your previous attempts at doing boycotts failed? Because of two things that dumbarsed phone shit posters like yourself will never get. You see the parents this time around get it.
You know parents? The one thing that real adults are familiar with and that a full on millennial anon shit like yourself has no fucking clue about? You know those things that take care of kids? You see just like the previous Star Wars boycott, this one got more effective because there was a simple plan to spread the shit about how bad the game was, along with some basic math telling you about the grind and the pay to win. Very basic math that sends warning bells to any parent that their kids are being transformed into whaling gamblers.
And unlike the financial environment we had in 2014 to 2016 (prior to the election), there's a whole set of parents that no longer have the ability to dump shit on credit and are now wanting to cut back on expenses and save up during this rising tide this time around. So shit like fucking up a massive franchise that used to have some standard of quality in so many normies eyes is a huge deal.
Also you're getting some bonus round material, because of shit going down in the EU, there are rumors that several states on the mainland are now looking to close out tax loop holes. You know THE ONES THAT UBISOFT AND EA USE? Oh and the state of Hawaii is also looking to ban this game precisely because it's a big enough brand to show how micro transactions are basically gambling).
But the real takeaway is that most of you faggots from the very beginning have no fucking clue how to talk to, you know fucking parents that control the purse strings. Ironic that the normies are getting this better than you can.

Anonymous 11/23/2017 (Thu) 10:26:46 [Preview] No.19714 del
(41.22 KB 600x498 salt.jpg)
(1.80 MB 854x480 salt.webm)

Anonymous 11/24/2017 (Fri) 05:26:33 Id: 66e6a2 [Preview] No.19723 del
http://archive.is/T1xnh they are trying to look into ways to start jewing people out of shekels again thorugh micro transactions

FORCE THIS Anonymous 11/24/2017 (Fri) 15:43:53 Id: adf20c [Preview] No.19730 del

TBH I am mentally precomposing serious meme payload of this subject you mention. Whom is the worst kike in it? Palpatine or Jabba? Also, I feel Amidala as a sort of manchurian Naboo Candidate, was not quite understood by the masses who viewed the tellings. Perhaps Palpy got to Amidala early on? But then of course, we notice that it is the Jedi Order who would be ashamed of Anakin being married. Literally he says "I don't CARE if they know we are married!" and she shushes him --THINK about that! She basically kills herself, in the grand context of things, because the dumb bitch even tho she was a princess, didn't want to be married, but her pol ambitions were supreme. Well, I mean maybe I am too hard on her but there is way more here to tell than just what Disney and some cubedweller overpaiud game managers can make up. I think the audience needs to storm the stage and just force these shitcos to open their code to the mod crews and let us build mods of games we already have. Fuck their entire profit model and all their paychecks. You people have got to be Binks level stupid to screw up something like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, fucking shit is pre-sold ya dummies! You are barnacles on shit we all don't even need you.

Anonymous 11/24/2017 (Fri) 15:56:36 Id: adf20c [Preview] No.19731 del
Actually there are several "kikeflavors" if you will, in the series. One that I just thought of is the tatooine junk dealer flapping his wings and evaluating spaceships. That little purple flying dude would fit right into ANY sci fi universe. We all recognize the eternal kike. Where's Star Wars Jesus to wield the whip on their asses? Heh, he does get revenge on Jabba that's the best part. Plus Leia is smoking hot running around in that thing.

Anonymous 11/24/2017 (Fri) 15:58:26 Id: adf20c [Preview] No.19732 del
Why not a DOA volleyball ladies only star wars add on pack? I'd pay fan service fees for Amidala versus Leia in say hmm, Rumble Roses XXX? You faggots.

Anonymous 11/24/2017 (Fri) 17:28:04 Id: 2933ab [Preview] No.19733 del
(1.19 MB 3024x4032 what_a_beautiful_sit.jpg)

Anonymous 11/24/2017 (Fri) 18:40:59 Id: 8a1e06 [Preview] No.19734 del
now if we can get a total number on digital sales and compare it to the past game to see if it tanked

Anonymous 11/24/2017 (Fri) 18:56:47 Id: 2156c9 [Preview] No.19735 del
>sonic forces
they reap their just reward for not creating sonichu

Anonymous 11/25/2017 (Sat) 12:49:31 [Preview] No.19737 del
EA never release their sales numbers unless they are very good

Anonymous 11/25/2017 (Sat) 17:27:59 Id: 02b003 [Preview] No.19738 del
https://techraptor.net/content/the-dark-side-of-letting-politicians-regulate-games-like-star-wars-battlefront-2. There's something ominous being pushed with this

>let's get the government to regulate this shit stick

What are the odds those faggots in Senate will try and turn this into another mortal kombat fiasco and attempt to basically pass a "net neutrality" style thing but for vidya and guarantee more swamp fags will be in publisher's pockets over some payouts to their campaign to look the other way?

Anonymous 11/25/2017 (Sat) 21:06:35 Id: 387d06 [Preview] No.19739 del
(25.21 KB 294x222 1507445721878.png)
No wonder TechRaptor ducked out of Gamergate. They probably saw how stupid HQ's idea of banning gambling from games was and didn't want a part of it. Does buying a booster pack of Pokemon cards count as gambling by this definition too?

I'm all for kicking EA in the nuts and banning micro transactions since it's cancer, but trusting a bunch of fuckers who never touched a game before? Sure. It'll totally be different from them trying to fuck the internet up.

Anonymous 11/28/2017 (Tue) 02:17:20 Id: e849ba [Preview] No.19748 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=vAKKmlIWcoo [Embed] razorfist video on the starwars 2 fiasco

Anonymous 12/03/2017 (Sun) 14:50:56 Id: 429f30 [Preview] No.19792 del
The Normies did. You did jack shit.

Anonymous 12/03/2017 (Sun) 15:42:17 Id: 6ef112 [Preview] No.19793 del
keep the noise up those faggots are hopping the goyim will see the new kike wars movie and forget this incident in order to get them to buy this shit over the latest movie

Anonymous 12/03/2017 (Sun) 16:11:48 Id: 3b5386 [Preview] No.19796 del
No shit, asshole. It's the meme of claiming credit for something that I had no influence in, like how Cole takes credit for Hulk Hogan winning his lawsuit against gawker.

Anonymous 12/13/2017 (Wed) 22:51:12 Id: 3e6d30 [Preview] No.19855 del

https://youtube.com/watch?v=5WxcGYvvgJo [Embed]

It fugging begins they didn't learn from the Mortal Kombat fiasco now the democrats again are going to try and regulate video games

Anonymous 12/17/2017 (Sun) 22:42:23 Id: 196e91 [Preview] No.19902 del
Hi Nutscrape.

Democrat or not EA needs to get fucked for trying to sell a gambling model to children.

Anonymous 12/18/2017 (Mon) 03:39:45 Id: 40e6f9 [Preview] No.19906 del

The game is rated M for mature isn't it?

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