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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Causes Mass Triggering Anonymous 12/08/2017 (Fri) 04:27:02 Id: 7d858f [Preview] No. 19821

The character designs for the wondrous women in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (also known as just “Xenoblade 2” in Japan) have unsurprisingly generated outrage from feminists on Twitter, causing them to fly into a rage about their unrealistic size despite the game taking place in a world full of giant flying titans.

Some expected the event to be inevitable considering the game boasts females who can literally turn into objects – only a handful of the toxic tweets from feminists and other salty individuals complaining about the unrealistic proportions of the game’s women:

Anonymous 12/08/2017 (Fri) 04:52:50 Id: 486639 [Preview] No.19823 del
Honestly I think sancom's users got more triggered by the news than anything judging by the comments.

Anonymous 12/08/2017 (Fri) 18:47:55 Id: bf3dad [Preview] No.19824 del
Is there a janny? Would he care if I posted Vidya threads here? It's a nice board. Also looked for a meta thread but didn't spot one.

Anonymous 12/08/2017 (Fri) 19:15:24 Id: a8d79e [Preview] No.19825 del
Holy shit these people are going autistic over anime waifus how many of these are she kikes kvetching

Anonymous 12/08/2017 (Fri) 23:32:32 Id: 7a6bbf [Preview] No.19830 del
(77.66 KB 1024x576 makes you think.jpg)
>"we only made it animu trash so that we could have the more emotive, large eyes that communicate better and give view to the person's soul, calm down"
2 months later

Anonymous 12/08/2017 (Fri) 23:55:12 Id: 7a6bbf [Preview] No.19831 del
It bothers me that the characters are not fully human.

Anonymous 12/08/2017 (Fri) 23:56:01 Id: 7a6bbf [Preview] No.19832 del

Anonymous 12/22/2017 (Fri) 23:55:26 Id: f721be [Preview] No.19961 del
SJWs are still hating on Xenoblade 2:


Anonymous 12/26/2017 (Tue) 08:56:43 Id: 7a6bbf [Preview] No.19982 del
(546.07 KB 858x671 Pyra-knickers.png)
>Should've put this picture in the OP.
>Mod Edit: Removed Image
>A small reminder when posting images. As per our rules for figure era - rule #4 states: If the camera is excessively focused on sexual or secondary sexual characteristics, it's a poor choice of picture and another angle may be more appropriate. To expand upon this see our Not Safe For Work Policy in the General FAQ .

the pic in question:

Anonymous 12/26/2017 (Tue) 19:10:33 Id: 728bcb [Preview] No.19986 del
The statues nice hope they get one for kosmos

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