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(4.28 MB 3840x2160 vapor.jpg)
GamerGate in Review Anonymous 10/01/2018 (Mon) 23:11:28 Id: 4efaa4 [Preview] No. 20887
Looking back at that fiasco, what do you think were some of the strengths and weaknesses of that social movement?

I'd say a strength was that initial push, that initial drive of people, pissed off about being lied to and led astray by people in the industry just so they could get some tuna smelling purple haired vagoo.
A major weakness was how quickly self appointed leaders presented themselves and demanded that the "focus" should be something attainable, like "ethics in video games journalism", which in itself is subjective and thus never truly attainable.

Another weakness was virtue signaling from faggots who were supposedly "on our side".
I'd like to point out the ComicsGate faggots falling into this same trap throwing money and support for mentally deranged faggots who were never fans anyway.
>First $10,000 was given to The Trevor Project, a suicide hotline for gay and trans youth.

Anonymous 10/02/2018 (Tue) 22:43:34 Id: 36bdeb [Preview] No.20888 del
comics are dead and already infiltrated by the jews they will fall into the same trap if they dont gas the kikes from within something old gamergoyim should have done

Anonymous 10/03/2018 (Wed) 09:16:58 [Preview] No.20889 del
it died once women joined
the most outspoken and energetic guys suddenly got more interested in scooping them up than the message

Anonymous 10/05/2018 (Fri) 12:25:55 Id: b21ee2 [Preview] No.20890 del
You pretty much hit the nail on the head. It was not so much the leader figures so much as it was their masters leading them along without even knowing it. Just by seeing their reaction to the type of things we wanted to do it was clear they didn't belong and they were only sent there to cause division.

If it was not a call for division and distraction it was shekel grabbing nobodies who wanted free gibs like Sargon and RogueStar. The three biggest things that were evident in the people that ruined GG were these three characteristics.

Dishonesty/Ulterior Motives
Greed/Control Freaks
Self Gratification/Ego

Even today now that GG is over these people operate under these same characteristics. The useful and meaningful people who originally were part of the first push in GG broke away from it and went back to more productive issues such as civil affairs in the world, strengthening national identities IE taking back their countries and assuring basic human rights remain intact such as the constant push to demolish gun rights everywhere and even more so censor the internet in ways China could never dream of doing. Those people who split off realized there was far more important things to focus their manpower into rather than a whorish self absorbed woman and her beta orbiters who run an already dying industry into the ground.

This is part of way GamerGate died, because their "leader" figures who should have never existed in the first place didn't want to give up their shrinking island of power and influence. They would rather drown being remembered as the "king" who stayed on his sinking island rather than the wise nobody who called for a rescue ship to salvage what was left.

I don't regret my time in GG as I know it did a lot more than what the remaining stragglers of the cause wish to admit it did. It hit hard in terms of the Culture War and was a baby's first redpill for the average Joe. For what it did, it was very much worth the time. The video games industry? Let it die. It's well past due. Even if it dies it won't stop talented people from making good video games, only with much less clutter and excess.

Träum süß GamerGate.

Anonymous 10/05/2018 (Fri) 21:27:22 Id: 35a43a [Preview] No.20891 del

good to see you around the interwebs. hope you get a chance to come back stateside someday. opinions like yours are much welcome

Anonymous 10/06/2018 (Sat) 00:54:34 Id: c72f46 [Preview] No.20892 del
(118.10 KB 512x512 1524875070335.jpg)
>Nackt actually posts on revolt

Anonymous 10/08/2018 (Mon) 14:53:35 Id: 6adc9b [Preview] No.20893 del

Come join us on QRV and Q Research https://voat.co/v/QRV

Anonymous 11/01/2018 (Thu) 02:48:56 Id: 9d5178 [Preview] No.20916 del
(25.71 KB 451x423 siege.jpg)
what killed it?
shying away from the culture conflict because terror of being called a racist, and instead betting on ethics cuckoldry and 4dchess nonsense. People seriously thought that if they worded their words in a certain way and adopted a female mascot and a few token niggers, that the "SJW'S" totally wouldn't notice what's going on and would just give up. Oh yeah, the "emails." Right, let's ask those big leftist infiltrated publishers to not promote their leftist infiltrated developers. All a waste of time.
No one boycotted anything and promoted piracy.
Also, the main weakness was thinking that videogames could have been saved, that the j-leftists could somehow be pushed out of videogames and we could go back to 90's to mid 2000's normalcy. That was entirely wrong. Videogames was dead by the time 2014 already rolled around; by the time the j-leftists had already infiltrated the elite circles of the industry and established themselves, videogames was then beyond saving. Gamergate's job was to burn it down and spread the fire to the rest of the culture. It did that but in an uncoordinated, half-assed way. Too many pussies got in the way, too many "centrist" faggots, far too much optics cuckoldry. The ethics cuck says that getting called a racist only vindicates the ESSJAYDUBAUUUUUUUUs but here the ethics cuck is still thinking in terms of argumentation and that these people are somehow willing to use reason and compromise, they fail to see that this is a war. We could have embraced racism, sexism, and been as vicious as possible. The whole purpose in this kind of propaganda war is to ensure that there is absolutely no middle ground, none, but the faction of Gamergate that got in control was precisely the "centrist" scum.

Anonymous 11/01/2018 (Thu) 02:55:51 Id: 9d5178 [Preview] No.20917 del
(78.96 KB 559x676 c22.png)
>the egoists and confidence artist ruined it.
yes, but they wouldn't have had the power they did if there wasn't people believing in their message.
The basic problem is that far too many people were and still are blue-pilled, too many whites that is. Gamergate revealed beyond a doubt the fecklessness of the modern white male. We needed strong, fearless men to thread the needle, and there were those fighting, and it is because of them that Gamergate succeeded at anything. Yet there was still far too much weakness in the modern white male, still too much white-flight and thirst for neutralization so he could just go back in the corner and play bing bing fucking wahoo, and for that he will die and deserves to die by the colored hordes.

Anonymous 11/04/2018 (Sun) 02:33:31 Id: c72f46 [Preview] No.20918 del
(178.66 KB 638x850 1538329296488.jpg)
If you're still in the thread, what's your take on the whole Sargon GG 2.0 shit, the Skeptics eating eachother alive and what've you been up to?

Anonymous 11/07/2018 (Wed) 06:00:23 Id: 08349b [Preview] No.20919 del
(24.29 KB 400x322 cPyl2Few.jpg)
I still come to the board to look over it every now and then.

>what's your take on the whole Sargon GG 2.0

As I said a long time ago, Sargon is a moron who puts his shekels before his own integrity but after seeing his actions along with his shameless Skeptics drones, it is obvious he is everything he once claimed to be against to the point even the average Joe sees it. GG 2.0 is stupid. He knows it's stupid, but he still does it because he can never come up with an original idea. He is trying to cling to the coat tails of something much larger than himself (which isn't hard considering he is a manlet) and attempts to make a profit off of it. He must be seething knowing that with the current events of what happened to Ralph that now Ralph actually has more merit to get Trump to retweet him that Carl does. Seeing how they are going after Jim is also more exposure to their true character seeing that Jim has been destroying them left and right. Carl will never create, change or improve anything. It isn't in his character or nature. He simply isn't smart enough and Spencer did a whole lot more internal damage to Carl's psyche when he told him "he's not as smart as he thinks he is".

>the Skeptics eating eachother alive

The Skeptics will not cannibalize eachother unless their shekels are on the line. It is open news they have 24 hour OPs discord servers. This is all a pre planned act to them. Sadly the rest of the internet already pirated their latest proverbial stage show and know where it is going because their Opsec is as poor as Windows "security". They will not stop what they do unless they are publicly exposed for their "real" selves that they are ashamed off or put in prison. Believe me. They have skeletons in their closet worth going to prison over.

>and what've you been up to?

Currently observing America's midterm elections, looking over semantics for the next coming months of incoming narratives and subjective work arounds for those things but mostly private work, you already know that. But also pic related in a nutshell. Taking it easy on myself and work as of late. I don't intend it ending up like Carl's kid.

Anonymous 11/07/2018 (Wed) 17:08:18 Id: 35a43a [Preview] No.20920 del

wow thats great hahahaha. Thank goodness this child will have someone to teach the right things.

Anonymous 11/07/2018 (Wed) 17:21:30 Id: 35a43a [Preview] No.20921 del

Now you need to eat for two. Like the white asparagus drenched in that sauce I saw on you tube.

Anonymous 11/08/2018 (Thu) 01:20:43 Id: 89fb77 [Preview] No.20922 del
Another victory for the White race.

Anonymous 11/08/2018 (Thu) 02:44:20 [Preview] No.20923 del
good luck paying alimony and child support

Anonymous 11/10/2018 (Sat) 00:57:15 Id: 8940fd [Preview] No.20925 del
(3.06 MB 1920x1250 753219.png)
Sucks being a woman. I better what out for that child support.

I apologize, but I believe the Sargon answer deserves to be fleshed out a little more especially since one of my colleagues linked me to the /cow/ thread after I was apparently brought up by name. Here is my take on the whole situation and predictions on the grave this is heading towards.

Carl never had the capacity for thinking ahead. I know he thinks the whole idea of deplatforming his opponents is brilliant and nobody will ever see through his transparent plan, but here is what the end game is going to look like.

Look at what happened to Ralph. Look at the others who did exactly the same. Their audience did not seem to diminish. What is the one thing that always kept people from leaving Jewtube? The community. Everyone hates the site, but stay for the content. If the content moved elsewhere so would the community. Sargon fails to see this. What do you think is going to happen if Sargon manages to boot Jim off of Youtube? He will just do what Ralph did with no reprocussions and this time it will be harder to deplatform him from that site because the rules are far less stingy and the reports will be under far more scrutiny.

Sargon fails to realize he is cutting himself with a double edged knife. He is only accelerating Youtube's own demise. Isn't that just ironic? Everything the Soy Don touches dies. Including services. He will eventually get deplatformed himself. If that does not happen first Youtube will start dying because everyone else will just start false flagging other channels like it's the new form of life ruining tactics. How desolate of worth while content do you think Youtube will be after a few years of this? After hundreds of articles being written about it being the new video gulag? After God knows how many scandals of censorship especially considering Trump is looking towards the internet side of the 1st amendment and not allowing companies like Facehook and Jewgle to censor political spectrums. You have two end scenarios.

Youtube dies before Sargon's band of clowns do. Sargon tries to migrate but that does little for him considering that if he actually gets legit caught being behind the Cancer charity debacle, his reputation is ruined and there is no way he can ever change that. Say goodbye to your channels, say goodbye by to your pay piggy sites, say goodbye to your following. He will have aborted them with more surgical efficiency than his son and seeing how the story is coming together and they have pretty much done everything but show everyone their proverbial bloody glove in this act.

Anonymous 11/10/2018 (Sat) 01:00:31 Id: 8940fd [Preview] No.20926 del
(1.01 MB 500x288 DSC.gif)
Scenario two is that Sargon an heroes his career (or himself preferably) and turns his whole mafioso crew on him. I see this playing out especially how he keeps throwing his own capos under the bus like he did to Kraut recently. He went from telling everyone to disavow Kraut and then a minute later tells them they should be apologizing to him. He can't keep his narratives straight, his crew is losing faith in him and they are all money hungry sycophants who will turn the knife on eachother if it is convenient and make a new story narrative out of it because they are all cowards with no self respect. In Kraut's chats it is seen he is extremely angry about being the fall guy and Vee is just telling him to shut up and take it. My guess is Vee is ultimately going to be Soygoy's undoing. The stupid gypsy knows too much and can't keep his mouth shut yet still has a microscopic shred of human common decency left and that makes a lethal molotov cocktail for Carl. Vee knows too much. He is Sargon's proverbial Robin. If he tells Vee to go take a hike Vee will just turn around and spill everything to the point that no narrative spinning will protect Stillborn of Acuck. If he keeps Vee around out of fear then Vee will just keep spilling vital information because he is too stupid to keep his mouth zipped and is easily coaxed into saying things he should not. Carl can't win.

No matter what way you cut it, Carl's career has an expiration date, it is coming soon and there is no happy ending for him.

And since I know one of your many capos will bring this to your ears Carl, let me drill a few points into your empty skull. People are turning on you not because muh Jim bogeyman. Nobody sent any proverbial flying monkeys after you. People lost faith in you because you got drunk on your own hubris and it showed during your Spencer debate and enlightened everyone on just what kind of an inexperienced debater you are. You showed everyone how much of a PR grasping idiot you are when you formed the Liberalists. You showed everyone how much of a disingenuous thief you are when you cling onto and killed every movement or group you ever joined and then tried to monetize off of them at their expense. You showed everyone what kind of a backstabber you are during the Kraut saga and from then on but for me it was when you were one of the people trying to kill GG from behind everyone's backs in a private Twitter DM and then tried to justify it just because they would not let you play armchair Big Boss with their consumer revolt. You showed everyone how much of a two faced snake you were when you tried to get Jim to dox himself on a live stream with yourself with Milo Pedopolous and then proceeded to ostracize him for finger banging his girlfriend live on mic during a stream. What is more embarrassing? The nihilist smart alec on the internet broadcasting how alpha he is to the entire internet by accident or the old Patreon welfare tier boomer who made a fool of himself by muting his own mic for 20 minutes? You decide. Your capos are all mentally ill autists, your wife is a freak who looks at horse porn and yet you wonder why you are the laughing stock of the internet.

Anonymous 11/10/2018 (Sat) 01:01:36 Id: 8940fd [Preview] No.20927 del
But then it all comes down to this Cancer charity debacle and you show everyone how much of a hypocrite you are. Oh boohoo, Jim, Andy and Ralph make their living talking smack about people. News flash soy brain, you made your living doing the exact same thing by laughing at retards on your own channel. And then you try to formulate this narrative that somehow making fun of your aborted bloodline is off limits but Ralph getting canned and having almost 30 thousand dollars taken out of the hands of dying sick children is acceptable and everyone should laugh with you because you are a jaded 40 year old welfare queen who can't take a joke on the internet. With all sincerity Carl, burn in Hell. These kind of antics are exactly why you are the butt of every joke on the internet. People are not sending their fans after you, it is your own fans saying they are tired of you. You have so many followers on Youtube and yet you still come nowhere close to Jim's viewership when he has a fraction of your subscriber numbers. Explain that mystery of the universe to us Carl. How do you make up a narrative for that one? Perhaps is it because there isn't a giant conspiracy against you but the fact that you picked a fight with the hornets nest that is the internet, dragged it into meat space and then cannibalized any of your own that didn't dance to your song?

Think about it long and hard if you even have two brain cells left to rub together you stupid cocaine huffing tranny loving incel. This is why nobody likes you.

Anonymous 11/13/2018 (Tue) 07:01:36 Id: 35a43a [Preview] No.20928 del

An eceleb has that little extra something to become an xtra massive faggot.

Care to weigh in on q for a moment? Whats your honest impression? Whats this look like to you?

Anonymous 11/13/2018 (Tue) 23:53:04 Id: 5f8887 [Preview] No.20929 del
(111.42 KB 1280x720 mdef.jpg)
(48.88 KB 1280x720 1541912246807.jpg)
The whole QAnon things pretty much glows in the dark. The claims that are made usually come up 25% true because speculation is all it is being passed off as "secret evidence". I believe Wikileaks said it best with the called the whole QAnon thing a "pied piper" because it appears to merely be a psyop to defame the Right wing of politics. It also serves to further divide the people who take part in Anonymous as well since all in fighting serves to do is make it easier to nab priority targets. I mean come on, the first response was doxing eachother. It does not get any more blatant than that.

Couple that with the fact that people are showing up to rallies with mass made signs and shirts and it just reeks of psyop. I believe there was once an original QAnon but that was compromised a long time ago and now there are larpers using the name to condone psyops. That being said, even the original QAnon was never 100% right. It is all just hot air. I don't trust people with that much shade around them.

Anonymous 11/24/2018 (Sat) 18:58:34 Id: 8a4386 [Preview] No.20932 del
This isn't nackt btw. It's some furfag larping.

Anonymous 12/02/2018 (Sun) 03:09:10 Id: c72f46 [Preview] No.20933 del
(10.41 KB 237x212 1538830847097.jpg)
I want to believe but I'd be more sold if they could do something to prove it was them like recall a Twitter DM or something nobody else would know because I know some poster here messaged her one on one asking questions. It sure as fuck sounds like Nackt though.

Anonymous 12/05/2018 (Wed) 07:07:20 Id: c05dc4 [Preview] No.20934 del
I talked to "her" one on one. I'm cautious about referring to anyone as a "her" online. If you don't verify, then you're just another dudebro.
But yeah, I don't really buy nackt coming back from the shadows to check up on a dead board.

Anonymous 12/06/2018 (Thu) 00:24:55 Id: 08349b [Preview] No.20935 del
>prove it was them like recall a Twitter DM or something nobody else would know

How does this one suit you? I do not remember ever posting this screenshot publicly.

Anonymous 12/09/2018 (Sun) 01:57:39 Id: c72f46 [Preview] No.20936 del
Well shit. Welcome back.

Anonymous 12/10/2018 (Mon) 04:06:02 Id: e6b4d5 [Preview] No.20937 del
The first one-two waves of energy from the Quinnspiracy/early GG just got me exciting for doing shit. Helped to send out letters & emails to advertisers to deplatform Gawker.
I honestly blame the horrifically botched Infinity-Never deployment from November 2015(?) for killing off enthusiasm, which not only fucked up hundreds of boards, but the very design ideology of "create your own board" , combined with the honeymoon with board mods being over (remember that "MODS=GODS" was an actual, genuine thing on 8/v/ AND /operate/).

Compound this with some of the bigger/actually good boards (/sp/ and /int/ at the time) began splintering off, with this very website's demographic being one of the offspring from the autistic levels of splintering.

Combine this with the wanted presence of uTube personalities that delivered half-decent content began having their channels deleted (Jim post-IA/pre-MMet, Al Russell), leaving more of the scummy grifter dramawhores remaining.

But in retrospect, GG was searching and merely trying to treat the symptoms with e-mail campaigns & reports. The whole problem really reached to more than just gaming & even just entertainment news. The whole news cycle is a shitwreck in it's ouroboros entirety.

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