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There is no standard logic between humans. Normal people don't know the logic (the internal source/core of the rules of arguing/reasoning) that are using, as it is part of their subconscious.
These are common expressions to express what I am saying here: "It makes sense to me", "it's just common sense", "with your logic...", "we are in the same boat, right?".

We recommend to know yourself (self-awareness, self-knowledge, nothing unconscious), so you will know the logical forces that move your mind.

Keyword: Protocols.

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*More names: CommunicationGod ConsciousGod ReasoningGod WiseGod MemoryGod WisdomGod RulerGod PerceptionGod AnalysisGod UnderstandGod ResearchGod SourceGod CoreGod ControlOfAll LibraryGod ProgrammingGod BeingGod

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