CoreGod 10/17/2020 (Sat) 13:14:09 No.386 del
(179.63 KB 1383x1282 Friendly environment.png)
Friendly environment: It is highly desirable that the immediate environment (close to us) is really nice/pleasant/welcoming. Link:Paradise,Bliss,Comfort,Nice,Field,Home,Awesome

Healthy environment: Secure and healthful environment to easily thrive without problems. Link:Security,Health,Prosperity,Easy,Excellent
Compatible environment: Physically compatible with us or at least handleable (minimum requirement). Link:Essentials,Space control,Mastery of time,Physicality,Escape of loops
Understandable environment: To know, at least, what it is going on around us. Link:Understanding,Clarity,Intelligence
Moral environment: If there are conscious beings near by, it is highly recommended that they are clearly benevolent and stable (not problematical). Link:Morality,Benevolence,Stability,Problem free

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