Perfect union [mega remastered] GodOfAll 05/10/2021 (Mon) 16:40:21 No.601 del
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Perfect union in separated female and male bodies (couple), or in an androgynous complete/whole form (never alone):

- Sacred/holy/glorious/divine union.
- Working as one being.
- Excellent unanimity and coordinated oneness.
- All in perfect splendorous balanced harmony.
- Awesome compatibility, integrity and intimacy.
- Strong/intense core desire to be together, amazing attraction of pure love.
- Sublime/supreme happiest ecstasy/bliss.
- Constant care full of kindness.
- Keeping together all the immaculate refined goodness.
- Sweet entanglement made of highly sophisticated interconnectivity at multiple levels.
- Win-win relationship with mutual support and nice reciprocity.
- Smallest cozy binary community.

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