Seeker 10/14/2021 (Thu) 12:06:23 No.2 del
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How far can meditation alone get one with spiritual development and learning more by yourself?
All the information about chakras, meridians, dantians etc. is OK to grasp, but there are always either contradictions with the information or mystified explanations.
For example, a lot of resources talk about the 7 chakras and that they are red, orange, yellow, green, etc. the color of the rainbow basically. Then there's the book Kundalini - An untold story where a himalayan mystic attributes completely different colors to them and at the same time mocks people who claim to see the chakras. One book talks about absorbing ambient energy, the other one completely condems it.
In reality, it seems like a very confusing web of information where everyone preaches their subjective view of this, which is kind of insane. I tried to tie it up together, but was left with madness so I just came to the conlusion that there isn't a perfect divine answer that is composed of everything. I think I can clearly see a few instances where certain practices spread from country to country and changed a bit, but this doesn't help. It's sad because there isn't anything you can do that will just work, like a computer that simply starts up when you press a button. Maybe that's what this whole thing just is, slow and confusing, but I don't want to accept that. There needs to be a metaphorical switch somewhere that simply works. Work for what? Everything.