Anonymous 05/23/2020 (Sat) 19:21:24 No.3896 del
thanks man. I think your the same guy who made the oc gif and i apologize for speculating about the chain shit. I just realized that is what a sort of riddle media thing was that was a conniption in my head for a long time. That i was going to be hung on a hook dripping blood on their face rubbing it in a face. Bags of blood we are so my head watching the water leave the popped bag of water on a snorkel wearing succubus. feeding the pidgeons with blood. Hanging in their with water bottle sprayed etc. They tried to play the romantic angle seeing the comedy roast thing is more or less useless because i had been roasted to the point like a phoenix from the ashes. I have had quicksilver saturated all over my body and animorphed into a mandingo of an autist to really put my head down and defeat this cult. Or at least enough of it for others to do the same. I know nothing and i can do this much. Anyone who uses /os/ paranoia type shit. Doesnt tell cult family members leading them to spy on you with owl eyed furniture gifted to you. Next thing your fapping like the wind in front of the president and realize Q is talking to me and i gotta stop sperging out about tendies type shit. Don't look down basically is the motto for now haha. have to literally stop being an omega and only an alpha. I am the alpha-omega. dissolving my dark side to purify my intent. I got lost in many things. My anger. My lack of self worth from the clown gangstalking etc. My reliance on digging instead of nigging for the end of institutionalized satanic activity worldwide. NO NEW WORLD ORDER. NO ANTICHRIST. NO WORLD LEADER. UNDERSTAND CABAL (not talking to the anon im replying to but the dark dork elites eying this through for a new angle to disrupt what the fuck i do. Make them cult mufukas act a mason. Hell nah i aint through until these monsters can harm non or harm such a few that its not half a million missing every year. The tear of the indian pakistani as he sees his bubi snatched by pantyhose wearing shriners in clown wigs with illuminati bumper stickers. Now they gettin free sulshis for life as they snicker past the casheir who is slung a polaroid of his bubi baby in a dungeon. And the clown grabs a bag of funyons for the yungins in his afterschool cult sra class which he scares children to act masonic or be a zombie not just dead inside. Clown protection from their own infection on many simular cases than the one i descriped as a hypothetical situation in which brothers of initiation are cliqed into ritual molestation and sacrification of women and children worldwide. Yeah they outside no one can hide if they decide to exchange your own pride for a good hide of skin of you and your kin for copping a grin when they took the go carts for a spin. The bloody parade underground the tunnels are paved for the golf carts. Hidden arts body parts sculpted and gulpted by blood cultists) Than any