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There's a case to be made about Richat Structure. It's far from natural in shape and it would align quite well with Plato's description. What is more there's a visible trace of a shitton of water rolling over it if you look at it from the sky and it's somewhat close to where Herodotus put Atlantes. It could explain what the fuck white Berbers are doing in that general area. Additionally it's not too far away from the Atlas Mountains though the range is quite vast so that's nothing conclusive.
Then again I've also seen that idea stated on an ostensibly masonic website so I guess there is a possibility that it's a scam of some description?
It's generally better to think about Atlantis as a pre-flood global civilisation. That would account for multiple sites of 'Atlantis' being speculated with more or less convincing evidence. With a worldwide flood, an earthshaping cataclysm, it wouldn't be just one city that sank and there's plenty of eerily geometric terrain irregularities at the bottom of the oceans.

This is just a guess but if you're new to weird shit please start with Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon ( ). It's a very good introduction that stresses the need for individual critical thought without going into stranger things.

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