Anonymous 05/03/2021 (Mon) 11:10:56 No.4402 del
It's far worse than this, I'm afraid. I heard a couple of estimates in early threads that o ly 14 million real people POST ON (more use, obviously) the Internet at all; the rest being bots. I remember being less worried about the implications of this though, before I started playing shitty io games between my classes on campus.
The Fake Multi-player Rabbit hole is honestly the spooking one I've done for myself. The bots can be so sophisticated now, that I think most AAA games are 60 percent glowie bots by now.
Pay attention to behavior, name patterns, etc. This isn't even to mention the glowies, and their imageboard/youtube/social media bots. You can't even know what's real anymore.
Unironically I can't even watch h or read stuff anymore. This Redhill will fuck you up.

>inb4 normies sperg out