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Wizard of Oz is definitely occult. Not to insult your intelligence, but here is a QRD:
Magic is shown to be decidedly neutral and a normal presence, even beneficial to the common person. It is shown to be part of nature, and is available to everyone. Needless to say, this falls in line with Gnosticism, and sadly Wiccan and other dark sects.
The Wizard is the most egregious of the symbols, and there was a public outcry over him at the time, if you look hard enough. He is meant to show that God is merely a 'manipulator' using normal means to deceive and oppress mankind, and that he can be usurped for better with enough knowledge.
>It doesn't get much worse that that
As for the Grimm tales, it is very unlikely that the brothers actually collected the tales, and even if they did, their spin is surely on them. I doubt there is much Pagan influence, as they seem to spread standard Christian ideas that Pagans rejected. It does seem debatable, however, whether the tales actually vilify the evildoers therein. Many occult schools tell practical stories with practical endings without advocating one ideology or moral system because they want to show all things as being part of the 'natural cycle'. For instance, in Hansel and Gretel, the witch was just doing her thing, and the kids theirs, no right or wrong (from that perspective).