Anonymous 07/15/2021 (Thu) 13:09:06 Id: 7059bb No.1106 del
the key to tagging is not to tag fully, but work in waves.

mine is
safe / suggestive / explicit - this is a hard gate so if it doesn't have this tag, its not going to the next tag section
real / drawn - another hard gate but its FAR to useful for me to not get this in on the first parse go
tag further - this implies there is something special there, usually accompanied by favorite, that I need to pay attention to
and a few other 'series' gates

from here it gets more specialized. this method lets me tag 1 file every second or so and makes sure all files are 'new' files, so im not wondering about duplicates and shit like that. that said my method relies on me being done with duplicate parsing which is currently at 1.7 million files, so fuck me.

my next method for mass culling rather then tagging is a 10 star system.

with one of the updates I can progressively add ratings with a hotkey, so they start out at 0 star

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