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- client api:
- /get_files/search_files now supports most system predicates! simply submit normal system predicate text in your taglist (check the expanded api help for a list of what is supported now) and they should be converted to proper system preds automatically. anything that doesn't parse will give 400 response. this is thanks to a user that submitted a system predicate parser a long time ago and which I did not catch up on until now. with this framework established, in future I will be able to add more predicate types and allow this parsing in normal autocomplete typing (issue #351)
- this is a complicated system with many possible inputs and outputs! I have tried to convert all the object types over and fill out unit tests, but there are likely some typos or bad error handling for some unusual predicates. let me know what problems you run into, and I'll fix it up!
- the old system_inbox and system_archive parameters on /get_files/search_files are now obselete. they still work, but I recommend you just use tags now. I'll deprecate them fully in future
- /get_files/search_files now disables the implicit system limit that most clients apply to all searches (by default, 10,000), so if you ask for a million files, you'll (eventually) get it
- a new call /manage_pages/add_files now allows you to add files to any media page, just like a file drag and drop
- in the /get_files/file_metadata call, the tag lists in the different 'statuses' Objects are now human-sorted
- added a link to to the client api help. this lets you extract from imported archives and reimport with tags and URLs
- the client api is now ok if you POST with a utf-8 charset content-type "application/json;charset=utf-8"
- the client api now tests the types of items within list parameters (e.g. file_ids should be a list of _integers_), raising an appropriate exception if they are incorrect
- client api version is now 18
- .
- misc:
- hydrus now supports wave (.wav) audio files! they play in mpv fine too
- simple psd files now have thumbnails! complicated ones will get a stretched version of the old default psd filetype thumbnail, much like how flash works. all your psd files are queued up for thumbnail regen on update, so they should figure themselves out in the background. this is thanks to ffmpeg, which it turns out can handle simple psds!

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