Anonymous Board owner 07/28/2021 (Wed) 22:04:41 Id: ae2aa4 No.1110 del
- in the downloader system, if a download object has any hashes, it now no longer consults urls for pre-import predictions. this saves a little time looking up urls and ensures that the logically stronger hashes take precedence over urls in all cases (previously, they only took precedence when a non-'looks new' status was found)
- fixed an ugly bug in manage tag siblings/parents where tags imported from clipboard or .txt were not being cleaned, so all sorts of garbage with capital letters or leading spaces could be entered. all pairs are now cleaned, and anything invalid skipped over
- the manage tag filter dialog now cleans all imported tag rules when using the 'import' button (issue #768)
- the manage tag filter dialog now allows you to export the current tag filter with the export button
- fixed the 'edit json parse rule' dialog layout so if you transition from a short display to a string match that has complicated controls, it should now expand properly to show them all
- I think I fixed an odd bug where when uploading pending mappings while more mappings were being added, the x/y progress could accurately but unhelpfully continually reset to 0/y, with an ever-decreasing y until it was equal to the value it had at start. y should now always grow
- hydrus servers now put their server header on a second header 'Hydrus-Server', which should allow them to be properly detectable through a proxy that overrides 'Server'
- optimised a critical call in the tag mappings update database routine. for a service with many siblings and parents, I estimate repository processing is 2-7% faster
- optimised the 'add/delete file' database routines in multiple ways, particularly when the file(s) have many deleted tags, and for the local file services, and when the client has multiple tag services
- brushed up a couple of system predicate texts--things like num_pixels to 'number of pixels'
- .
- boring database refactoring:
- repository update file tracking and service id normalisation is now pulled out to a new 'repositories' database module
- file maintenance tracking and database-level file info updates is now pulled out to a new 'files maintenance' database module
- analyse and vacuum tracking and information generation is now pulled out to a new 'db maintenance' database module
- moved more commands to the 'similar files' module
- the 'metadata regeneration' file maintenance job is now a little faster to save back to the database

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