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- misc:
- when exporting files from the file export window, a cancellable popup job with progress updates is also created. if you close the window, you can still cancel the job from the popup
- fixed a crash bug in file export window
- system:num file relationships (duplicates) now correctly only returns files in the current file search domain (previously, it returned all files, including those previously deleted etc...)
- I rearranged some of the thumbnail menu file relationships actions menu. I'm not really happy with this, but a shuffle is easier than a full rework
- fixed the '4k' resolution label replacer, which was looking at 2060 height not 2160 by mistake
- the phash generation routine (part of the duplicates system, happens on image imports) now uses less memory and CPU for images with an alpha channel (pngs and still gifs), and if those images are taller or wider than 1:30 or 30:1, the phashes are also better quality
- the 'fill in subscription gap' popup button now correctly boots its created downloader when the action also opens a new downloader page. previously, due to overactive safety code, it would hang on 'pending' until a client restart. related similar 'start downloader after creating page' actions off drag and drop or client api should also be more reliable
- .
- repositories (also the various improvements in 449-experimental are folded in):
- fixed an issue with some 'force repository account refresh' code not kicking in immediately
- when a client sees repository update period change, it now recalculates the metadata next check time
- fixed a bug with the new repo sync where updates just added from additive sync were not being processed until client restart. related long-term buggy 'do we have this hash in updates?' and 'how many updates are there?' tests for update metadata are also fixed
- the experimental by-content-type repository reset from last week now leaves pending content in place
- the reset also now clears cached service info counts for files, tags, and mappings

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